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Definition by Wiktionary (Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License)

craycray (krā), crayer cray"er (-&etilde;r) ], n. see crare. [obs.]


Alt. of Crayer  


Cray Inc. is a supercomputer manufacturer based in Seattle, Washington. the company's predecessor, Cray Research, Inc. (CRI), was founded in 1972 by computer designer Seymour Cray. already a legend in his field by this time, cray put his company on the map in 1976 with the release of the Cray-1 vector computer. cray went on to form the spin-off Cray computer Corporation (CCC), in 1989, which went bankrupt in 1995, while cray research was bought by SGI the next year. cray Inc. was formed in 2000 when Tera computer Company purchased the cray research Inc. business from SGI and adopted the name of its acquisition.

/kray/ n. 1. (properly, capitalized) one of the line of supercomputers designed by cray Research. 2. any supercomputer at all. 3. the canonical number-crunching machine.The term is actually the lowercased last name of seymour Cray, a noted computer architect and co-founder of the company. numerous vivid legends surround him, some true and some admittedly invented by cray research brass to shape their corporate culture and image.

cray Inc

Exchange: Nasdaq

Designs, develops and markets high performance general purpose parallel computer systems which address wide range of scientific and engineering applications, such as simulation and visualization of complex mechanical and biochemical systems.

County:  North YorkshirePost Code: BD23

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