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Definition by Wiktionary (Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License)

offensive term for a black person

(racist) dark-skinned person, as a negro or aborigine (originally US slang (mid-19th C.); shortening of raccoon)

cooncoon (?), n. (zo?l.) a raccoon. see raccoon.coon n 1. a an eccentric or undignified rustic; "i'll be a gone coon when the battle starts" 2. (ethnic slur) offensive name for black person [syn: nigger, spade, jigaboo, nigra] 3. north american raccoon [syn: common raccoon, common racoon , ringtail, procyon lotor]   similar words(1) 

 coon cat 


A raccoon. see Raccoon.  

Noun1. an eccentric or undignified rustic; "I'll be a gone coon when the battle starts" (hypernym) rustic2. (ethnic slur) offensive name for a black person; "only a black can call another black a nigga" (synonym) nigger, nigga, spade, jigaboo, nigra (hypernym) Black, black person, blackamoor, Negro, negroid (classification) ethnic slur3. north american raccoon (synonym) common raccoon, common racoon, ringtail, procyon lotor (hypernym) raccoon, racoon

Coon can refer to: an abbreviation for raccoonthe Maine Coon, a breed of domestic american catan ethnic slur used in American, British and Australian English for people of African or aboriginal Australian descenta brand of cheese in AustraliaCoon Carnival, a yearly minstrel festival in Cape Town, South Africa 

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