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Definition by Wiktionary (Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License)

Caid may refer to:Caid (government) (also qaid), a type of governorship found in north africa and moorish SpainCaid (sport), a form of football popular in ireland until the mid-19th centuryThe kingdom of Caid, a regional area of the Society for creative Anachronism

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A kaid or caïd was a title in the Norman kingdom of Sicily. It applied to palatine officials and members of the curia, usually to those who were Muslims or converts from Islam, often eunuchs, but sometimes to others. Originally Arabic, meaning "master" or "leader," it entered Latin as gaitus or gaytus.

Sardaukar officer rank given to a military official whose duties call mostly for dealings with civilians; a military governorship over a full planetary district; above the rank of Bashar but not equal to a Burseg.

ball (football)

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