How do you spell this word?

That is a question you ask yourself daily, but is there really a simple way to find the correct spelling without using the worthless spelling applications that are out there? TellSpell is a multilingual spell checking site where you can easily find the correct spelling of your word. Our database contains millions of words, together with advanced typo algorithms and common misspellings.

While some words admit multiple spellings, some spellings are clearly incorrect and thus labeled as misspellings. A misspelled word can be a series of letters that represents no correctly spelled word of the same language at all (such as "liek" for "like") or a correct spelling of another word (such as writing "here" when one means "hear", or "now" when one means "know").

Misspellings of the latter type can easily make their way into printed material because they are not caught by simple computerised spell checkers. Misspellings may be due to either typos (e.g. typing teh for the), or lack of knowledge of the correct spelling. Whether or not a word is misspelled may depend on context, such as American / British English distinctions. Misspelling can also be a matter of opinion when variant spellings are accepted by some and not by others. For example "miniscule" (for "minuscule") is a misspelling to many, and yet it is listed as a legitimate variant in a number of dictionaries.

We hope that you will have some use of the tools and features this site has, so you don't have to worry more about how you spell some of the words that are in your language. Unfortunatly we can only support Latin characters at the moment, but maybe we will add more alphabets in the future!

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