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Definition by Wiktionary (Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License)

Adjective1. having an illustrious reputation; respected; "our esteemed leader"; "a prestigious author" (synonym) honored, prestigious (similar) reputable

Noun1. the condition of being honored (esteemed or respected or well regarded); "it is held in esteem"; "a man who has earned high regard" (synonym) regard, respect (antonym) disesteem (hypernym) honor, honour, laurels (hyponym) stature (derivation) respect, value, prize, prise2. a feeling of delighted approval and liking (synonym) admiration (hypernym) liking (hyponym) anglophilia (derivation) respect, value, prize, prise3. an attitude of admiration or esteem; "she lost all respect for him" (synonym) respect, regard (hypernym) attitude, mental attitude (hyponym) estimate, estimation (derivation) respect, value, prize, priseVerb1. regard highly; think much of; "I respect his judgement"; "We prize his creativity" (synonym) respect, value, prize, prise (antonym) disrespect, disesteem (hypernym) see, consider, reckon, view, regard (hyponym) think the world of (derivation) respect, regard2. look on as or consider; "she looked on this affair as a joke"; "He thinks of himself as a brilliant musician"; "He is reputed to be intelligent" (synonym) think of, repute, regard as, look upon, look on, take to be (hypernym) think, believe, consider, conceive

(imp. & p. p.)

of Esteem  

esteemed; numbered  

Common misspellings

    • esteemedd
    • esteeme
    • eesteeeemeed
    • istiimid
    • easteaeamead
    • aestaeaemaed
    • astaamad
    • stmd
    • esteemmed
    • esteened
    • esteenmed
    • esteemned
    • esteenned
    • esteeed
    • essteemed
    • ecteemed
    • eccteemed
    • eseteemed
    • eesteemed
    • eshteemed
    • epsteemed
    • eschteemed
    • eteemed
    • estteemed
    • esteeemed
    • estaeemed
    • esateemed
    • estheemed
    • estweemed
    • eswteemed
    • esdeemed
    • eseemed

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  • esreemed
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  • eseemed


  • estmedee
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  • estemede
  • esteeedm
  • estemdee
  • estmdeee
  • estmeeed

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