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Auric egg or Envelope the source of the human aura, taking its name from its shape. It ranges from the divine to the astral-physical, and is the seat of all the monadic, spiritual, intellectual, mental, passional, and vital energies and faculties. In its essence it is eternal and endures throughout the pralayas as well as during the manvantaras. "Every being or thing throughout the universe, and indeed the universe itself, has, or rather is, its own auric egg. its primal substance is the akasa . . . "The auric egg originates in the monad which is its heart or core, and from which, when manifestation begins, it emanates forth in streams of vital effluvia. On the different planes which the auric egg traverses as a pillar of light, from the atmic to the physical, each such auric or pranic effluvium is a principle or element, commonly reckoned in man as seven in number. when the auric egg is viewed on any one plane of the human constitution, we discover that this plane or 'layer' not only corresponds to, but actually is, one of the unfolded six principles of man; it would appear to be ovoid or somewhat egg-shaped in outline, and to be a more or less dense, extremely brilliant, central portion surrounded by an enormously active interworking cloud of pranic currents. . . . "These immensely active and interworking clouds or vital effluvia are actually the pranas of the auric egg on any one plane expressing themselves as auras" (FSO 427).

A lipid membrane enveloping a virus particle

the outer covering of a virus. the HIV envelope contains spikes and is composed of 2 protein subunits -- gp120 and gp41 -- encoded by the env gene. the glycoprotein gp120 attaches itself to the CD4 surface protein, allowing HIV to infect certain cells.

In virology, a protein covering that packages the virus's genetic information. the outer coat, or envelope, of HIV is composed of two layers of fat-like molecules called lipids taken from the membranes of human cells. embedded in the envelope are numerous cellular proteins, as well as mushroom-shaped HIV proteins that protrude from the surface. each mushroom is thought to consist of a cap made of four glycoprotein molecules called gp120, and a stem consisting of four gp41 molecules embedded in the envelope. the virus uses these proteins to attach to and infect cells.

outer surface of a virus, also called the coat. not all viruses have an envelope. (See also virus; env.)

envelopeen"vel*ope (?; 277), envelop en*vel"op (?; 277), ] n. [f. enveloppe.] 1. that which envelops, wraps up, encases, or surrounds; a wrapper; an inclosing cover; esp., the cover or wrapper of a document, as of a letter. 2. (astron.) the nebulous covering of the head or nucleus of a comet; -- called also coma. 3. (fort.) a work of earth, in the form of a single parapet or of a small rampart. it is sometimes raised in the ditch and sometimes beyond it. 4. (geom.) a curve or surface which is tangent to each member of a system of curves or surfaces, the form and position of the members of the system being allowed to vary according to some continuous law. thus, any curve is the envelope of its tangents.   similar words(2) 

 window envelope  letter-sheet envelope 


Alt. of Envelop  

MeaningGo to the limits of known performance. OriginOriginated with aeroplane industry where the limits of a plane's performance were marked on a two-dimensional graph. the envelope is the area of the graph that indicates safe usage. In use since the late 1970s.

Noun1. a flat rectangular paper container for papers (hypernym) container (hyponym) window envelope2. any wrapper or covering (hypernym) wrapping, wrap, wrapper3. a curve that is tangent to each of a family of curves (hypernym) curve, curved shape4. a natural covering (as by a fluid); "the spacecraft detected an envelope of gas around the comet" (hypernym) covering, natural covering, cover5. the maximum operating capability of a system; "test pilots try to push the envelope" (hypernym) operating capability, performance capability6. the bag containing the gas in a balloon (synonym) gasbag (hypernym) bag (part-holonym) balloon

n., clúdach m. (litreach); cumhdach

Envelope, (n.)The coffin of a document; the scabbard of a bill; the husk of a remittance; the bed-gown of a love-letter.   

Dargau = v. to envelope

Enhuddaw = v. to envelope

Enhuddawl = a. envelope

Goloi = v. to envelope; to protect

Gorchuddio = v. to envelope

Gorehudd = n. an envelope, a cover, veil

Gortho = n. an envelope; a roof

Llenu = v. to veil, to envelope

Tuddo = v. to envelope

Tul = n. an envelope; a shroud

extend beyond the normally accepted bounds; take ideas, art, music, life, etc. to an extreme

An envelope is a packaging product, usually made of flat, planar material such as paper or cardboard, and designed to contain a flat object, which in a postal-service context is usually a letter or card. the traditional type is made from a sheet of paper cut to one of three shapes: the rhombus (also referred to as a lozenge or diamond), the short-arm cross, and the kite. these designs ensure that in the course of envelope manufacture when the sides of the sheet are folded about a delineated central rectangular area, a rectangular-faced, usually oblong, enclosure is formed with an arrangement of four flaps on the reverse side, which, by virtue of the shapes of sheet traditionally used, is inevitably symmetrical.


form of wrapper or cover for letters.

envelopes seen in a dream, omens news of a sorrowful cast.  

the rise and fall in amplitude (volume) of a note. the envelope of a note consists of the four stages: attack, decay, sustain, and release.

the shape of the graph as amplitude is plotted against time. A sound's envelope includes its attack, decay, sustain and release (ADSR). (Sound)

referring to sound or video signals, the shape of the waveform that makes up a sound; two notes of the same basic pitch will sound very different if they have different envelopes

A shape that changes as a function of time. the shape of a synthesizer's envelope is controlled by a set of rate (or time) and level parameters. the envelope is a control signal that can be applied to various aspects of a synth sound, such as pitch, filter cutoff frequency, and overall amplitude. Usually, each note has its own envelope(s).

the boundary of the family of curves obtained by varying a parameter of a wave. (188 ) See figure under amplitude modulation.

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