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Definition by Wiktionary (Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License)

enemyen"e*my (?), n.; pl. enemies (#). [of. enemi, f. ennemi, from l. inimicus; in- (negative) + amicus friend. see amicable.] one hostile to another; one who hates, and desires or attempts the injury of, another; a foe; an adversary; as, an enemy of or to a person; an enemy to truth, or to falsehood. to all good he enemy was still. i say unto you, love your enemies. v. 44.   similar words(3) 

 alien enemy  mortal enemy  the enemy 


One hostile to another; one who hates, and desires or attempts the injury of, another; a foe; an adversary; as, an enemy of or to a person; an enemy to truth, or to falsehood.  


Hostile; inimical.  

Noun1. an opposing military force; "the enemy attacked at dawn" (hypernym) military unit, military force, military group, force (member-meronym) foe, foeman, opposition2. an armed adversary (especially a member of an opposing military force); "a soldier must be prepared to kill his enemies" (synonym) foe, foeman, opposition (hypernym) adversary, antagonist, opponent, opposer, resister (hyponym) besieger (classification) military, armed forces, armed services, military machine, war machine3. any hostile group of people; "he viewed lawyers as the real enemy" (hypernym) people4. a personal enemy; "they had been political foes for years" (synonym) foe (hypernym) rival, challenger, competitor, competition, contender (hyponym) mortal enemy



Andras = n. an enemy; Satan

Gelyn = n. a foe, an enemy

limit of: "enemy tether"

n. jagh

n. jaghla'

nemut (anc.)

Enemy or enemies may refer to: In television:"Enemies" (Buffy episode), a Buffy the vampire Slayer episode"Enemies" (Stargate SG-1), the season 5 premiere episode of the science fiction television series Stargate SG-1"Enemies" (The west Wing), the 8th episode of The west Wing"The Enemy" (Space: above and beyond episode), the eighth episode in the first season of Space: above and Beyond"The Enemy" (TNG episode), a Star Trek: the next Generation episode"Homer's Enemy", a Simpsons episode.

To dream that you overcome enemies, denotes that you will surmount all difficulties in business, and enjoy the greatest prosperity. If you are defamed by your enemies, it denotes that you will be threatened with failures in your work. you will be wise to use the utmost caution in proceeding in affairs of any moment. To overcome your enemies in any form, signifies your gain. for them to get the better of you is ominous of adverse fortunes. this dream may be literal.  

contrary; adversary; enemy; accuser  

bramble; enemy  

A term for either of the dark Lords. A common term for either Morgoth or Sauron, or their forces.

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