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Definition by Wiktionary (Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License)

Emu may refer to:Emu, a large, flightless birdEmu (journal) (Emu - austral Ornithology), a scientific journalEmu Field (alternatively known as emu or emu Junction), the location of the first atomic test that occurred on the australian mainland in 1953Emu, palm wine in the yoruba languageEmu (puppet), a puppet used by the late entertainer rod HullEmulator in computingE-mu Systems, a company in the digital audio businessEmu Music, a record label that releases christian music in Australia

for other uses, see EMU.


Common misspellings

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    • imus
    • eamus
    • aemus
    • amus
    • mus
    • emmus
    • enus
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    • emnus
    • ennus
    • eus
    • emuss
    • emuc
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    • emush
    • emups
    • emusch
    • emu
    • emuus
    • emys
    • emyus
    • emuys
    • emyys
    • ems

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