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Definition by Wiktionary (Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License)

Eclectic [from greek eklektikos selective, picking out] applied to systems of philosophy or religion which cull the best from a variety of systems, with the view of thus arriving at essentials. It was applied to the school of Ammonius Saccas and other alexandrian philosophers, implying that they picked out what was best in all faiths in order to make a new system, doing so because they knew that all the major systems of human religion and philosophy fundamentally derive from a common wisdom-religion of remote antiquity, and therefore that each such system contains at least some elements of truth. hence they were teaching the wisdom-religion through synthesizing, and by illustrating it from various faiths. the word is also applied to other matters, e.g. schools of painting.

A person (or the practice of a person) who combines attributes from various traditions to create a unique spiritual blend of Wicca, paganism, or witchcraft that suits them best.

eclectic may refer to:Eclecticism, philosophical movement, artistic movement, etc.Eclecticism in artEclecticism in musicEclectic Medicine, a combination of allopathy and herbalism, a school of medical study in the 19th centuryFor eclectic psychotherapy see Integrative PsychotherapyEclectic Magazine, a periodical published for more than a century in new york city eclectic society (Christian) (1), english missionary and anti-slavery society, founded in london in 1783Eclectic society (Fraternity) (2), american college fraternity, phi Nu Theta, founded at wesleyan university in 1838.Eclectic (car), a solar and wind powered carEclectic, Alabama, a townMorning becomes Eclectic, radio program, based in santa Monica, CASounds Eclectic, radio programEclectic-method, UK based bandEclectic Shorthand, or cross shorthand, an english shorthand system of the 19th century


Noun1. someone who selects according to the eclectic method (synonym) eclecticist (hypernym) philosopherAdjective1. selecting what seems best of various styles or ideas (similar) discriminating

selecting or choosing from various systems, doctrines or sources.(Gr) ek (out) + legein (to choose) selective ;composed of elements drawn from disparate sources ;selecting individual elements** his style of interior decoration was eclectic: bits and pieces of furnishings from widely divergent periods, strikingly juxtaposed to create an unique decor


One who follows an eclectic method.  


Selecting; choosing (what is true or excellent in doctrines, opinions, etc.) from various sources or systems; as, an eclectic philosopher.  


Consisting, or made up, of what is chosen or selected; as, an eclectic method; an eclectic magazine.  

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