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Definition by Wiktionary (Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License)

 rabbit ears  over head and ears  head and ears  to ding anything in one`s ears  rabbits` ears  an ear or one`s ears  in both ears  to both ears  about the ears  wet behind the ears  by the ears  white-rayed mule`s ears  up to the ears 

OriginFrom Shakespeare's julius Caesar.

MeaningPay careful attention. OriginProbably coined from the habit of dogs, horses etc. to lift their ears when listening attentively.

MeaningNaive. OriginThe allusion is to the inexperience of a baby, so recently born as to be still wet.

Noun1. the sense organ for hearing and equilibrium (hypernym) sense organ, sensory receptor, receptor (part-holonym) head, caput (part-meronym) vestibule of the ear2. good hearing; "he had a keen ear"; "a good ear for pitch" (hypernym) hearing, audition, auditory sense, sense of hearing, auditory modality3. the externally visible cartilaginous structure of the external ear (synonym) auricle, pinna (hypernym) cartilaginous structure (hyponym) cauliflower ear (part-holonym) external ear, outer ear (part-meronym) earlobe, ear lobe4. attention to what is said; "he tried to get her ear" (hypernym) attention, attending5. fruiting spike of a cereal plant especially corn (synonym) spike, capitulum (hypernym) fruit (hyponym) mealie (part-holonym) corn, maize, indian corn, zea mays

  sear  sera

Clustiog = a. having ears


a common (drinking) toast in Queensland

smb. is thick as a brick

indoor television aerial with two adjustable arms

talk at great length

electronic access to reference services + electronic authoring and routing system [DEC] + explicit archive and retrieval system [Langley Research]

electronic access to reference services +

explicit archive and retrieval System

A JAR archive that contains a J2EE application .

EARS may mean:DARPA's effective affordable reusable Speech-To-Text project.The Liberal Democrats' Election agents record System.Extended action request system used in fujitsu's employee to deal with any fault calls.Environmental activities reporting system - see corporate social responsibility Reporting.East anglia rocket Society, a model rocket club in east Anglia, UK, centered around Cambridge.Evidence of alien contact revealed in scripture - An organization in the state of Wisconsin, USA, including a book published in 2003 by the same name, which discusses evidence for ufos and other paranormal phenomena in the christian Bible. see http://www.thelightside.org/ears

the ear is the sense organ that detects sounds. The vertebrate ear shows a common biology from fish to humans, with variations in structure according to order and species. It not only acts as a receiver for sound, but plays a major role in the sense of balance and body position. the ear is part of the auditory system.

To dream of seeing ears, an evil and designing person is keeping watch over your conversation to work you harm.  

the uranium in addition to reasonable assured resources (RAR) that is expected to occur, mostly on the basis of direct geological evidence, in extensions of well-explored deposits, little-explored deposits, and undiscovered deposits believed to exist along a well-defined geologic trend with known deposits, such that the uranium can subsequently be recovered within the given cost ranges. estimates of tonnage and grade are based on available sampling data and on knowledge of the deposit characteristics as determined in the best known parts of the deposit or in similar deposits. ear correspond to DOE's probable potential resource Category.

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