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Definition by Wiktionary (Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License)

videotape signal 'voids', which are visible as white specks or streaks. normally the result of tiny bare spots on a tape's magnetic particle coating, or tape debris covering particles and blocking signals.

Dropout may refer to:Dropout (astronomy)Dropout (bicycle part)Dropout (electrical engineering)"Drop Out," a song from the album Scream, Dracula, Scream! by rocket from the Crypt"Drop Out", a song from the album You fail Me by ConvergeThe college Dropout, the debut album released by rapper Kanye west in 2004Drop out with the Barracudas, the debut album by the BarracudasDropping out of society or school

Noun1. someone who quits school before graduation (hypernym) quitter (derivation) drop out2. someone who withdraws from a social group or environment (hypernym) individualist

during playback of an analog tape recording, a momentary loss of high frequencies caused by loss of contact of the tape from the playback head due to dust, tape-oxide deterioration, etc.

In wireless microphones, a loss of RF signal which results in loss of audio or audio that is noticeably noisy. also refers to a small physical area where there is insufficient RF signal present to obtain satisfactory wireless operation. dropouts are normally caused by multipath or signal blockage due to some type of obstruction.

1. In a communications system, a momentary loss of signal. Note: dropouts are usually caused by noise, propagation anomalies, or system malfunctions. (188 ) 2. A failure to read properly a binary character from data storage. Note: A dropout is usually caused by a defect in the storage medium or by a malfunction of the read mechanism. 3. In magnetic tape, disk, card, or drum systems, a recorded signal with an amplitude less than a predetermined percentage of a reference signal. (188 )

A slot in the frame into which the rear wheel axle fits. also see fork tips .

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