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Doves are an English  indie rock band which formed in Wilmslow, Cheshire, England, but most of their early gigs were in the city of Manchester. the band is comprised of brothers Jez Williams (guitar), Andy Williams (drums) and Jimi Goodwin (bass, vocals, guitar).

Noun1. any of numerous small pigeons (hypernym) pigeon (hyponym) turtledove2. someone who prefers negotiations to armed conflict in the conduct of foreign relations (synonym) peacenik (antonym) hawk, war hawk (hypernym) pacifist, pacificist, disarmer3. flesh of a pigeon suitable for roasting or braising; flesh of a dove (young squab) may be broiled (synonym) squab (hypernym) poultry (part-holonym) domestic pigeon4. an emblem of peace (hypernym) emblem, allegory

the chariot of venus was drawn by doves, which were sacred to her. [Romeo and Juliet]

a person who wants peace, pacifist the doves complained when the US built more nuclear weapons.

dreaming of doves mating and building their nests, indicates peacefulness of the world and joyous homes where children render obedience, and mercy is extended to all.To hear the lonely, mournful voice of a dove, portends sorrow and disappointment through the death of one to whom you looked for aid. often it portends the death of a father.To see a dead dove, is ominous of a separation of husband and wife, either through death or infidelity.To see white doves, denotes bountiful harvests and the utmost confidence in the loyalty of friends.To dream of seeing a flock of white doves, denotes peaceful, innocent pleasures, and fortunate developments in the future.If one brings you a letter, tidings of a pleasant nature from absent friends is intimated, also a lovers' reconciliation is denoted.If the dove seems exhausted, a note of sadness will pervade the reconciliation, or a sad touch may be given the pleasant tidings by mention of an invalid friend; if of business, a slight drop may follow. If the letter bears the message that you are doomed, it foretells that a desperate illness, either your own or of a relative, may cause you financial misfortune.  

List of members: australian crested doves Bartlett's bleeding heart dove bar shoulder dove / copper neck dove blue ground dove cape doves celebes Yellow-breasted doves collared doves common ground doves common bronzewing doves common mexican ground doves diamond doves european turtle dove european wood pigeon golden heart doves greenwing doves Jobi dove luzon bleeding heart dove mountain witch dove / crested quail dove Laceneck / Chinese-spotted doves senegal turtle dove / palm dove zebra dove more details about species...

Common Varieties:There are many varieties of the dove that vary in color. some of the more popular varieties of dove are: Ring-Neck Dove - A grey colored dove with a dark ring around its neck.White Dove - A gentle, hardy bird.Diamond Dove - An attractive speckled miniature.Traits:If properly cared for, doves can live up to 15 years. doves are not typically a bird that can be handled, although there are a few rare cases. they are better as pets to be watched and listened to as opposed to being handled. doves are active, amusing and the males tend to have a soothing song (sounding like a soft cooing). Be careful when mixing varieties, as all breeds do not get along. doves are social birds and prefer to be kept in a colony setting. If breeding is not desired females can be kept together without difficulty. doves also require the ability to nest and do best with an open nest. old shoe boxes or a small cat litter box works well for this.Feeding:A dove's metabolism is very active and can starve to death in as little as 24 hours if it does not eat. doves should eat a staple diet of fresh fortified finch seed, parakeet seed or pellet daily. doves only eat off the top of what is offered, so be sure to check the food daily. besides a variety of seed mix or pellet, offer chopped dark green and yellow vegetables, and a variety of fresh fruits in addition to a protein source like mature legumes, hard cooked chopped egg, and grated cheese. remove fresh fruits and vegetables within 2 hours of offering to prevent spoilage. If the bird gets too much liquid from the fresh fruits and vegetables, the droppings could become runny. stop the fresh food for a day to see if this is the reason. doves require fresh water each day. wash and rinse their water cup out thoroughly prior to adding fresh water to reduce bacteria growth. millet spray also makes an excellent supplement for doves. powdered vitamins can be lightly sprinkled on the fresh food, but putting it in the water can encourage bacterial growth.Housing:When choosing a cage for your dove, remember length is more beneficial to the bird than height. doves enjoy flying, therefore, the larger the cage the better. ideally the cage for a pair of doves should measure a minimum of 36 " long by 14" high and 10" wide. perches are an essential part of the cage and should be chosen to suit the feet of the dove. approximately 3" of perch space per bird is best. A variety of perch sizes, shapes, and diameters will help exercise the bird's feet and toes. place perches strategically to prevent droppings from contaminating water and food dishes and to prevent the tail from hanging in dishes or on the floor. Toys, such as bells and mirrors, in the dove's cage will keep your bird entertained. always have a cuttlebone to supply your dove with calcium and prevent beak overgrowth. To aid the bird in keeping itself clean, we recommend placing a suitable size birdbath in the cage on a weekly basis. place your dove's cage at eye-level in a bright area free from drafts and direct sunlight.See: Diamond , White , Pink ring Neck .

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