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Definition by Wiktionary (Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License)

dissentdis*sent", n. 1. the act of dissenting; difference of opinion; refusal to adopt something proposed; nonagreement, nonconcurrence, or disagreement. the dissent of no small number [of peers] is frequently recorded. 2. (eccl.) separation from an established church, especially that of england; nonconformity. it is the dissidence of dissent and the protestantism of the protestant religion. 3. contrariety of nature; diversity in quality. [obs.] the dissent of the metals.

(v. i.)

To differ; to be of a contrary nature.  

(v. i.)

To differ in opinion; to be of unlike or contrary sentiment; to disagree; -- followed by from.  

(v. i.)

To differ from an established church in regard to doctrines, rites, or government.  


The act of dissenting; difference of opinion; refusal to adopt something proposed; nonagreement, nonconcurrence, or disagreement.  


Separation from an established church, especially that of England; nonconformity.  


Contrariety of nature; diversity in quality.  


Noun1. (law) the difference of one judge's opinion from that of the majority; "he expressed his dissent in a contrary opinion" (hypernym) objection (derivation) disagree, differ, take issue (classification) law, jurisprudence2. a difference of opinion (hypernym) disagreement (derivation) disagree, differ, take issue3. the act of protesting; a public (often organized) manifestation of dissent (synonym) protest, objection (hypernym) resistance (hyponym) boycott (derivation) protest, resistVerb1. withhold assent; "Several republicans dissented" (antonym) assent, accede, acquiesce (hypernym) disagree, differ, take issue2. express opposition through action or words; "dissent to the laws of the country" (synonym) protest, resist (hypernym) oppose, controvert, contradict (hyponym) strike, walk out (derivation) protest, objection3. be of different opinions; "I beg to differ!"; "She disagrees with her husband on many questions" (synonym) disagree, differ, take issue

To disagree. the word is used in legal circles to refer to the minority opinion of a judge which runs contrary to the conclusions of the majority. - (read more on Dissent)  

A disagreement to something which has been done. It is express or implied. the law presumes that every person to whom a conveyance has been made has given his assent to it, because it is supposed to be for his benefit. To rebut the presumption, his dissent must be expressed.    This entry contains material from Bouvier's legal Dictionary, a work published in the 1850's.

for the political magazine, see Dissent (magazine). for the G8 protest group, see Dissent! (network). for a judicial opinion which is contrary to a majority decision, see Dissenting opinion.

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