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Definition by Wiktionary (Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License)

Diana (Latin) [archaic fem of Janus] goddess of light; an old italian divinity, later identified with the greek artemis as daughter of zeus and Latona, and sister of Apollo. goddess of the moon and queen of the night, she presided over the chase, open country, forests, war, and water. As the moon goddess, identified in one aspect with Hecate. she was worshiped in her form of lucina as presiding over births; as goddess of the night she was worshiped with torches, and was beloved as the protectress of the outcast and slave. the moon "stands in closer relations to earth than any other sidereal orb. the sun is the giver of life to the whole planetary system; the moon is the giver of life to our globe; and the early races understood and knew it, even in their infancy. she is the queen and she is the King, and was king soma before she became transformed into phoebe and the chaste Diana. . . . For, if artemis was Luna in Heaven, and, with the Greeks, diana on Earth, who presided over child-birth and life: with the Egyptians, she was Hekat (Hecate) in Hell, the goddess of Death, who ruled over magic and enchantments. more than this: as the personified moon, whose phenomena are triadic, Diana-Hecate-Luna is the three in one. for she is Diva triformis, tergemina, triceps -- three heads on one neck, like Brahma-Vishnu-Siva. See also ARTEMIS ; HECATE ; Moon 

this latin word, properly denoting a roman divinity, is the representative of the greek Artemus, the tutelary goddess of the Ephesians, who plays so important a part in the narrative of acts 19. the ephesian diana was, however, regarded as invested with very different attributes, and is rather to be identified with astarte and other female divinities of the East. the head wore a mural crown, each hand held a bar of metal, and the lower part ended in a rude block covered with figures of animals and mystic inscriptions. this idol was regarded as an object of peculiar sanctity, and was believed to have fallen down from heaven. (Acts 19:35)   

luminous, perfect  

so called by the Romans; called artemis by the Greeks, the "great" goddess worshipped among heathen nations under various modifications. her most noted temple was that at Ephesus. It was built outside the city walls, and was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. "First and last it was the work of 220 years; built of shining marble; 342 feet long by 164 feet broad; supported by a forest of columns, each 56 feet high; a sacred museum of masterpieces of sculpture and painting. At the centre, hidden by curtains, within a gorgeous shrine, stood the very ancient image of the goddess, on wood or ebony reputed to have fallen from the sky. behind the shrine was a treasury, where, as in 'the safest bank in Asia,' nations and kings stored their most precious things. the temple as St. paul saw it subsisted till A.D. 262, when it was ruined by the Goths" (Acts 19:23-41)., moule on Ephesians: Introd.

dianadi*a"na (?), n. [l. diana.] (myth.) the daughter of jupiter and latona; a virgin goddess who presided over hunting, chastity, and marriage; -- identified with the greek goddess artemis. and chaste diana haunts the forest shade.diana monkey (zo?l.), a handsome, white-bearded monkey of west africa (cercopithecus diana).   similar words(2) 

 lady diana frances spencer  diana monkey 


The daughter of jupiter and Latona; a virgin goddess who presided over hunting, chastity, and marriage; -- identified with the greek goddess Artemis.  

Noun1. english aristocrat who was the first wife of prince Charles; her death in an automobile accident in paris produced intense national mourning (1961-1997) (synonym) princess Diana, princess of Wales, lady diana frances spencer (hypernym) female aristocrat2. (Roman mythology) virgin goddess of the hunt and the moon; counterpart of greek artemis (hypernym) roman deity (classification) roman mythology

nadia naiad

descriptive intermediate attributed notation for Ada

Diana can refer to: In mythology:Diana (mythology), ancient roman goddess of the moon, the hunt, and chastity

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N F Diana| goddess of light and of the moon; the moon

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