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13 pineapple pieces1 cl blue curacao1 cl grenadinepineapple flavored sparkling winePut pineapple pieces in a water glass (250ml) and pour blue curacao and grenadine over them. fill with pineapple flavored sparkling wine.

1 part black rum 1 part ginger beer (non-alcoholic) serve in lowball glass.

the dark side of the moon 23 YO 1975, glen grant single malt scotch whisky By: signatory vintage scotch whisky Co. (Edinburgh, Scotland)

A venue that has been closed to the public. some theatres go dark temporarily during production periods, when the next show is in preparation on stage.

acerbus, ater atra atrum

Voldemort's sign. A skull, with a serpent protruding from its mouth like a tongue[4].

A spell which makes the dark mark.

darkdark (d?rk), a. [oe. dark, derk, deork, as. dearc, deorc; cf. gael. & ir. dorch, dorcha, dark, black, dusky.] 1. destitute, or partially destitute, of light; not receiving, reflecting, or radiating light; wholly or partially black, or of some deep shade of color; not light-colored; as, a dark room; a dark day; dark cloth; dark paint; a dark complexion. o dark, dark, dark, amid the blaze of noon, irrecoverably dark, total eclipse without all hope of day! in the dark and silent grave. w. raleigh. 2. not clear to the understanding; not easily seen through; obscure; mysterious; hidden. the dark problems of existence. what may seem dark at the first, will afterward be found more plain. what's your dark meaning, mouse, of this light word? 3. destitute of knowledge and culture; in moral or intellectual darkness; unrefined; ignorant. the age wherein he lived was dark, but he could not want light who taught the world to see. the tenth century used to be reckoned by medi?val historians as the darkest part of this intellectual night. 4. evincing black or foul traits of character; vile; wicked; atrocious; as, a dark villain; a dark deed. left him at large to his own dark designs. 5. foreboding evil; gloomy; jealous; suspicious. more dark and dark our woes. a deep melancholy took possesion of him, and gave a dark tinge to all his views of human nature. there is, in every true woman-s heart, a spark of heavenly fire, which beams and blazes in the dark hour of adversity. irving. 6. deprived of sight; blind. [obs.] he was, i think, at this time quite dark, and so had been for some years.note: dark is sometimes used to qualify another adjective; as, dark blue, dark green, and sometimes it forms the first part of a compound; as, dark-haired, dark-eyed, dark-colored, dark-seated, dark-working.   similar words(13) 

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(v. t.)

To darken to obscure.  


The condition of ignorance; gloom; secrecy.  


Absence of light; darkness; obscurity; a place where there is little or no light.  


A dark shade or dark passage in a painting, engraving, or the like; as, the light and darks are well contrasted.  


Not clear to the understanding; not easily seen through; obscure; mysterious; hidden.  


Foreboding evil; gloomy; jealous; suspicious.  


Evincing black or foul traits of character; vile; wicked; atrocious; as, a dark villain; a dark deed.  


Destitute, or partially destitute, of light; not receiving, reflecting, or radiating light; wholly or partially black, or of some deep shade of color; not light-colored; as, a dark room; a dark day; dark cloth; dark paint; a dark complexion.  


Destitute of knowledge and culture; in moral or intellectual darkness; unrefined; ignorant.  


Deprived of sight; blind.  

MeaningA hopeful attempt at something.OriginLike a hopeful attempt to shoot at an enemy that you can't see.

MeaningSomeone who shows a previously unknown accomplishment.OriginHorses that regularly won races were darkened to conceal their identity and increase the betting odds.

Noun1. absence of light or illumination (synonym) darkness (antonym) light, lighting (hypernym) illumination (hyponym) night2. absence of moral or spiritual values; "the powers of darkness" (synonym) iniquity, wickedness, darkness (hypernym) condition, status3. an unilluminated area; "he moved off into the darkness" (synonym) darkness, shadow (hypernym) scene4. the time after sunset and before sunrise while it is dark outside (synonym) night, nighttime (hypernym) time period, period of time, period (hyponym) weeknight (part-holonym) day, twenty-four hours, solar day, mean solar day (part-meronym) evening5. an unenlightened state; "he was in the dark concerning their intentions"; "his lectures dispelled the darkness" (synonym) darkness (hypernym) unenlightenmentAdjective1. devoid or partially devoid of light or brightness; shadowed or black or somber-colored; "sitting in a dark corner"; "a dark day"; "dark shadows"; "the theater is dark on Mondays"; "dark as the inside of a black cat" (antonym) light (similar) Acheronian, Acherontic, stygian (attribute) light, lightness2. (used of color) having a dark hue; "dark green"; "dark glasses"; "dark colors like wine red or navy blue" (antonym) light, light-colored (similar) darkish (see-also) black, achromatic (attribute) value3. brunet (used of hair or skin or eyes); "dark eyes" (similar) brunet, brunette4. stemming from evil characteristics or forces; wicked or dishonorable; "black deeds"; "a black lie"; "his black heart has concocted yet another black deed"; "Darth Vader of the dark side"; "a dark purpose"; "dark undercurrents of ethnic hostility"; "the scheme of some sinister intelligence bent on punishing him"-Thomas hardy (synonym) black, sinister (similar) evil, wicked5. causing dejection; "a blue day"; "the dark days of the war"; "a week of rainy depressing weather"; "a disconsolate winter landscape"; "the first dismal dispiriting days of November"; "a dark gloomy day"; "grim rainy weather" (synonym) blue, depressing, disconsolate, dismal, dispiriting, gloomy, grim (similar) cheerless, uncheerful6. secret; "keep it dark"; "the dark mysteries of africa and the fabled wonders of the East" (similar) concealed7. showing a brooding ill humor; "a dark scowl"; "the proverbially dour new england Puritan"; "a glum, hopeless shrug"; "he sat in moody silence"; "a morose and unsociable manner"; "a saturnine, almost misanthropic young genius"- bruce Bliven; "a sour temper"; "a sullen crowd" (synonym) dour, glowering, glum, moody, morose, saturnine, sour, sullen (similar) ill-natured8. lacking enlightenment or knowledge or culture; "this benighted country"; "benighted ages of barbarism and superstition"; "the dark ages"; "a dark age in the history of education" (synonym) benighted (similar) unenlightened9. marked by difficulty of style or expression; "much that was dark is now quite clear to me"; "those who do not appreciate Kafka's work say his style is obscure" (synonym) obscure (similar) incomprehensible, uncomprehensible10. having skin rich in melanin pigments; "National association for the advancement of colored People"; "the dark races"; "dark-skinned peoples" (synonym) colored, coloured, dark-skinned (similar) black11. not giving performances; closed; "the theater is dark on Mondays" (similar) inactive

dorchadark glasses: gloiní dorcha

dubh [doo] (also: dark, hidden, secret)

Anolau = a. indistinct; dark

Didywyll = a. not dark

Erch = n. dark brown, or dun, a. dusky, dun, dismal

Gordywyll = a. extremely dark

Hudd = n. a covert, a shade, a dusky, dark, gloomy

Lleion = n. a dark blue marble

Tywell = a. dark, obscure, dusky

Tywyll = n. dusk, gloom, a. dark, obscure, dusky


type of marijuana


better than nothing at all

a swim

extremely dark

a belt

v. Hurgh

mu'gel-, mu'gelik

A sound or track with weak high frequencies; opposite of bright.

RGB: 184;134;11Hex: B8860B See example...

RGB: 255;185;15Hex: FFB90F See example...

RGB: 238;173;14Hex: EEAD0E See example...

RGB: 205;149;12Hex: CD950C See example...

RGB: 139;101;8Hex: 8B6508 See example...

RGB: 0;100;0Hex: 006400 See example...

RGB: 189;183;107Hex: BDB76B See example...

RGB: 85;107;47Hex: 556B2F See example...

RGB: 202;255;112Hex: CAFF70 See example...

RGB: 188;238;104Hex: BCEE68 See example...

RGB: 162;205;90Hex: A2CD5A See example...

RGB: 110;139;61Hex: 6E8B3D See example...

RGB: 255;140;0Hex: FF8C00 See example...

RGB: 255;127;0">255;127;0Hex: FF7F00 See example...

RGB: 238;118;0">238;118;0Hex: EE7600 See example...

RGB: 205;102;0Hex: CD6600 See example...

RGB: 139;69;0Hex: 8B4500 See example...

RGB: 153;50;204Hex: 9932CC See example...

RGB: 191;62;255Hex: BF3EFF See example...

RGB: 178;58;238Hex: B23AEE See example...

RGB: 154;50;205Hex: 9A32CD See example...

RGB: 104;34;139Hex: 68228B See example...

RGB: 233;150;122Hex: E9967A See example...

RGB: 143;188;143Hex: 8FBC8F See example...

RGB: 193;255;193Hex: C1FFC1 See example...

RGB: 180;238;180Hex: B4EEB4 See example...

RGB: 155;205;155Hex: 9BCD9B See example...

RGB: 105;139;105Hex: 698B69 See example...

RGB: 72;61;139Hex: 483D8B See example...

RGB: 47;79;79Hex: 2F4F4F See example...

RGB: 151;255;255Hex: 97FFFF See example...

RGB: 141;238;238Hex: 8DEEEE See example...

RGB: 121;205;205Hex: 79CDCD See example...

RGB: 82;139;139Hex: 528B8B See example...

RGB: 47;79;79Hex: 2F4F4F See example...

RGB: 0;206;209Hex: 00CED1 See example...

RGB: 148;0;211Hex: 9400D3 See example...

(adj.) see deep.

- static variable in class javax.swing.plaf.metal.MetalIconFactory  public static final boolean DARK

For other uses, see Darkness (disambiguation), or dark (disambiguation). Darkness is the absence of light. scientifically it is only possible to have a reduced amount of light. the emotional response to an absence of light has inspired metaphor in literature, symbolism in art, and emphasis.

To dream of darkness overtaking you on a journey, augurs ill for any work you may attempt, unless the sun breaks through before the journey ends, then faults will be overcome.To lose your friend, or child, in the darkness, portends many provocations to wrath. try to remain under control after dreaming of darkness, for trials in business and love will beset you.  

fear of darkness

fear of the color black

fear of night

fear of dark wooded areas, of forests at night

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