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Definition by Wiktionary (Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License)

A horizontal movement of water, such as the gulf stream off the east coast of north America, or air, such as the jet stream. CUT-OFF high A warm high which has become displaced and is on the polarward side of the jet stream. It occurs mostly during the spring and is most frequent over northeastern Siberia, Alaska, and Greenland. It is an example of a blocking high. CUT-OFF low A cold low which has become displaced and is on the equatorward side of the jet stream. It frequently occurs during the spring and is often located over the southwestern united states and along the northwestern coast of Africa.

"The movement of electrical charges in a conductor; carried by electrons in an electronic conductor (electronic current) or by ions in an ionic conductor (ionic current). ""By definition"" the electrical current always flows from the positive potential end of the conductor toward the negative potential end, independent of the actual direction of motion of the differently charged current carrier (or ""charge carrier"") particles. two kinds of currents must be distinguished: ""direct current (dc)"" and ""alternating current (ac)."" direct current is the unidirectional continuous flow of current, while alternating current is the oscillating (back and forth) flow of current. In electrochemistry, we almost always use direct current. Consequently, the term ""current"" always designates ""dc"" in this dictionary unless specifically stated to be ""ac."" the normal household current is an alternating current. the measurement unit of current is the ampere. "

A group of moving charges. The SI unit of electric current is the ampere .

A flow of electrons in an electrical conductor. the strength or rate of movement of the electricity is measured in amperes.


1. the movement of free electrons through a conductor . also see alternating current and direct current .2. the most recent model vehicle (i.e., made in the same year as the present calendar).

the rate of flow of electricity. the unit of the ampere (A) defined as 1 ampere = 1 coulomb per second.

the electric flow in an electric circuit, which is expressed in amperes (amps).

the horizontal movement of water.

the horizontal movement of water.

currentcur"rent (k?r"rent), a. [oe. currant, of. curant, corant, p. pr. of curre, corre, f. courre, courir, to run, from l. currere; perh. akin to e. horse. cf. course, concur, courant, coranto.] 1. running or moving rapidly. [archaic] like the current fire, that renneth upon a cord. to chase a creature that was current then in these wild woods, the hart with golden horns. 2. now passing, as time; as, the current month. 3. passing from person to person, or from hand to hand; circulating through the community; generally received; common; as, a current coin; a current report; current history. that there was current money in abraham's time is past doubt. your fire-new stamp of honor is scarce current. his current value, which is less or more as men have occasion for him. 4. commonly estimated or acknowledged. 5. fitted for general acceptance or circulation; authentic; passable. o buckingham, now do i play the touch to try if thou be current gold indeed.   similar words(23) 

 electric current  secondary current  alternating current  kuroshio current  direct current  rossel current  rip current  oscillating current  tidal current  price current  current money  account current  current wheel  japan current  garden current  induced current  guinea current  delta current  a direct induced current  y current  current meter  current mill  thermionic current 


Running or moving rapidly.  


Passing from person to person, or from hand to hand; circulating through the community; generally received; common; as, a current coin; a current report; current history.  


Now passing, as time; as, the current month.  


General course; ordinary procedure; progressive and connected movement; as, the current of time, of events, of opinion, etc.  


Fitted for general acceptance or circulation; authentic; passable.  


Commonly estimated or acknowledged.  


A flowing or passing; onward motion. Hence: A body of fluid moving continuously in a certain direction; a stream; esp., the swiftest part of it; as, a current of water or of air; that which resembles a stream in motion; as, a current of electricity.  

Noun1. a flow of electricity through a conductor; "the current was measured in amperes" (synonym) electric current (hypernym) electrical phenomenon (hyponym) juice2. a steady flow (usually from natural causes); "the raft floated downstream on the current"; "he felt a stream of air" (synonym) stream (hypernym) flow, flowing (hyponym) tidal flow, tidal current3. dominant course (suggestive of running water) of successive events or ideas; "two streams of development run through american history"; "stream of consciousness"; "the flow of thought"; "the current of history" (synonym) stream, flow (hypernym) course, lineAdjective1. occurring in or belonging to the present time; "current events"; "the current topic"; "current negotiations"; "current psychoanalytic theories"; "the ship's current position" (antonym) noncurrent (similar) actual (see-also) modern (attribute) currentness, currency, up-to-dateness

Gorlif = n. an upper current

Gwrthlif = n. counter current

Gyrhynt = n. a current

Non = n. a stream, a current

Rheawl = a. running; current

Rhedegog = a. running, current

Rhedol = a. current, running

Wysg = n. a tendency forward; a bias; presence; a current, a course; a stream: adv. in a forward direction

the quantity of charge per unit time, measured in amperes (Amps, A). By historical convention, the sign of current is positive for currents flowing from positive to negative potential, but experience indicates that electrons are negatively charged and flow in the opposite direction.(1995-10-05)

(PHP 3, PHP 4 )current -- return the current element in an arraymixed current ( array array)More Info

- interface org.omg.CORBA..Current  public interface Current extends Object  ORB.resolve_initial_references("SecurityCurrent"); An interface that makes it possible to access information associated with a particular thread of execution, such as security information or a transaction identifier.

- method in interface java.text.CharacterIterator  public char current ()Gets the character at the current position (as returned by getIndex()).Returns: the character at the current position or done if the current position is off the end of the text.See Also: getIndex

- method in class java.text.StringCharacterIterator  public char current ()Implements CharacterIterator.current() for String.Specified by:  current in interface CharacterIterator See Also:  CharacterIterator.current()

- method in class java.text.BreakIterator  public abstract int current ()Return character index of the text boundary that was most recently returned by next(), previous(), first(), or last()Returns: the boundary most recently returned.

- method in class javax.swing.text.ElementIterator  public Element current ()Fetches the current Element.

the flow of electrons through a conductor measured in amperes.

A body of water moving in a certain direction and caused by wind and density differences in water. the effects of a current are modified by water depth, underwater topography, basin shape, land masses, and deflection from the earth’s rotation. (JP 4-01.6)  

Current may refer to:Current affairsElectric currentCurrent (fluid)Ocean currentCurrent (mathematics), geometrical current in differential topologyThe conserved current or Noether current in physics and mathematics, as a result of Emmy Noether's theorem.Present (time)Current, Incorporated, a stationery manufacturer

see Drift.

current technology CORP

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current income shares INC

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fear of electricity

fear of shock

term used to describe postal items that are presently available at the post office.

katrom (elect., hydro.); masutra-pilash (ocean.)

(1) the portion of a stream or body of water which is moving with a velocity much greater than the average of the rest of the water. the progress of the water is principally concentrated in the current. (2) the swiftest part of a stream; (3) A tidal or nontidal movement of lake or ocean water; (4) flow marked by force or strength; (5) currents of various types and names have been recognized: littoral, longshore, undertow, rip, density, convection, turbidity, eddies, stream.

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