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Brahma (Sanskrit) [from the verbal root brih to expand, grow, fructify] the first god of the hindu trimurti or triad, consisting of Brahma, the emanator, evolver, and creator; Vishnu, the sustainer or preserver; and Siva, the regenerator or destroyer. brahma is the vivifying expansive force of nature in its eternally periodic manvantaras. He stands for the spiritual evolving or developing energy-consciousness of a solar system which is also called the egg of brahma (brahmanda). brahma is called the creator or Logos, but in the theosophic philosophy creator is simply an abstract term or idea, like army. In Burnouf's words: "Having evolved himself from the soul of the world, once separated from the first cause, he evaporates with, and emanates all nature out of himself. He does not stand above it, but is mixed up with it; brahma and the universe form one Being, each particle of which is in its essence brahma himself, who proceeded out of himself" (q SD 1:380n). the Vishnu-Purana explains that created beings "although they are destroyed (in their individual forms) at the periods of dissolution, yet being affected by the good or evil acts of former existences, are never exempted from their consequences. and when brahma produces the world anew, they are the progeny of his will . . ." (q SD 1:456n). brahman is both masculine and neuter, and therefore has two meanings. In the masculine (Brahma) it is the evolving energy of the cosmic egg, as distinguished from the neuter (Brahman). brahma is the vehicle or sheath of Brahman. to be continue "Brahma2 "

Demiurge, Demiourgos (Greek) [from demos the people + ergon work] In Gnosticism, the deity as creator or cosmic artificer was a secondary or subordinate god, distinct from the supreme deity of the hierarchy, acting as creator or former of worlds, with which function the supreme is not directly concerned. because of this seeming duality of rival gods, monotheistic christian theology classed the demiurge among the powers hostile to god and mankind, as it did with Satan, the Serpent, Lucifer, and so many others. Marcion (2nd century) and his school attempted to reconcile these by equating the Demiourgos with the jewish Jehovah. the Demiourgos, however, is the deity in its creative aspect, the second logos -- not a personal deity, but an abstract term denoting the host of creative powers. Later, the conception was anthropomorphized. It is the elohim of the bible who make kosmos out of chaos; the universal mind, separated from its fountain-source; the four-faced Brahma; the seven principal dhyani-chohans. In the Qabbalah, Hokhmah (wisdom) becomes united with binah (intelligence), which latter is jehovah or the Demiourgos. but the Demiourgos itself is dual in the same sense as are those formative powers for which the name stands: acting on all planes from the highest to the lowest, the contrast between above and below, light and its shadow, is shown; added to which, it includes potencies which are symbolized by human minds as masculine and feminine. there was plenty of scope, then, for confusion as to the meaning and application of the word. See also Architects; DHYANI-CHOHANS ; LOGOS 

God In its widest sense, the origin and root of all that is. absolute being may be regarded perhaps as one equivalent expression, but even being itself may be regarded as a condition or attribute, and beyond it we must therefore postulate be-ness. the idea of a root or origin sometimes connotes supreme power and governance; but such conception of a rootless root or infinite origin does not exist, for whatever is, or has been, or ever will be, must ultimately spring from the womb of boundless infinitude, and we can speak only of a power and governance in connection with the subordinate or minor -- however supernal or sublime they may be -- which spring forth from the boundless in virtually infinite numbers through beginningless and endless duration. monotheists recognize but one God, conceived as a supreme personality and usually endowed with attributes pertaining to human personality, this mental image of god therefore being but a reflection of the human mind, with its inherent limitations and biases; yet even monotheists tacitly recognize other gods under the name of natural forces. polytheism recognizes hierarchies of divine beings, and pantheism discerns divine power as everywhere and eternally present. the human being also in essence is a divinity. the attribution of personality to god is justly regarded as an inadmissible limitation; but there is a lack of clearness as to the meaning of such words as personality, self, and individuality, which unfortunately leads some monotheistic minds to the fear that the denial of personality will reduce the conception of divinity to merely an empty be continue "God2 "

Jehovah yehowah (Hebrew) In the Bible, the god of the Hebrews; a modern mispronunciation of the hebrew alphabetic characters, resulting from the combining by the jews themselves of the hebrew consonants of this word (YHVH) with the vowels of the word adonai (my lords) because the Jews, while always writing or copying the alphabetic characters of the name correctly in their manuscripts, when reading it never pronounced the word YHVH, but read "Adonai" in its stead -- writing the Massoretic points of adonai to vocalize YHVH to produce Yahovah. consequently when the bible came to be studied by those unfamiliar with the real pronunciation of YHVH, it was read in various ways, commonly as Jehovah. It is now held by some scholars that YHVH should be pronounced yahweh or yave. It is also given as Yihweh (he will be, or it will be) (SD 2:129). However, Josephus, a priest who undoubtedly knew the correct pronunciation, wrote that it would be highly unlawful for him to divulge it as the jews regarded it as too holy to pronounce aloud. Blavatsky writes that the rendering Ja-ho-vah is "a perversion of the holy Name": that the majority of the jews themselves were ignorant of the true pronunciation. "Alone, out of all their nation the high priests had it in their possession, and respectively passed it to their successors," before their death. "Once a year only, on the day of atonement, the high priest was allowed to pronounce it in a whisper" (IU 2:398-9). to be continu "Jehovah2 "

creator, founder.


N M creator (of world); maker| author; founder (city); father; one who appoints

creator, founder

creatorn 1. the judeo-christian god [syn: godhead, lord, creator, maker, divine, god almighty, almighty, jehovah] 2. a person who grows or makes or invents things

Noun1. terms referring to the Judeo-Christian god (synonym) Godhead, Lord, Maker, Divine, god Almighty, Almighty, jehovah (hypernym) God, supreme being (hyponym) Trinity, holy Trinity, blessed Trinity, sacred Trinity

Noun1. a person who grows or makes or invents things (hypernym) person, individual, someone, somebody, mortal, human, soul (hyponym) architect, designer (derivation) create


Creawdwr = n. a creator

Crewr = n. a creator, a former

Naf = n. what forms; a creator

v. chenmoHwI'


Creator may refer to:Creator deity, a deity responsible for creating the universe

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