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See Constant conjunction

jugis, constans

term used to describe a variety that appears in the same position on every sheet.

constantcon"stant, n. 1. (astron.) a number whose value, when ascertained (as by observation) and substituted in a general mathematical formula expressing an astronomical law, completely determines that law and enables predictions to be made of its effect in particular cases. 2. (physics) a number expressing some property or condition of a substance or of an instrument of precision; as, the dielectric constant of quartz; the collimation constant of a transit instrument.   similar words(17) 

 leonard constant lambert  universal gas constant  aberration constant  time constant  constant of gravitation  rydberg constant  constant mapping  law of constant proportion  constant lambert  arbitrary constant  constant-width font  universal gravitational constant  gravitation constant  constant folding  absolute constant  hysteretic constant  gas constant 

(v. t.)

Remaining unchanged or invariable, as a quantity, force, law, etc.  

(v. t.)

Not liable, or given, to change; permanent; regular; continuous; continually recurring; steadfast; faithful; not fickle.  

(v. t.)

Firm; solid; fixed; immovable; -- opposed to fluid.  

(v. t.)

Consistent; logical.  


That which is not subject to change; that which is invariable.  


A quantity that does not change its value; -- used in countradistinction to variable.  

Noun1. a quantity that does not vary (synonym) constant quantity (hypernym) quantity (hyponym) parameter, parametric quantity2. a number representing a quantity assumed to have a fixed value in a specified mathematical context; "the velocity of light is a constant" (hypernym) number (hyponym) Avogadro's number, avogadro numberAdjective1. persistent in occurrence and unvarying in nature; "maintained a constant temperature"; "a constant beat"; "principles of unvarying validity"; "a steady breeze" (synonym) changeless, invariant, steady, unvarying (similar) invariable2. continually recurring or continuing without interruption; "constant repetition of the exercise"; "constant chatter of monkeys" (similar) continual3. steadfast in purpose or devotion or affection; "a man constant in adherence to his ideals"; "a constant lover"; "constant as the northern star" (antonym) inconstant (similar) steadfast, staunch, unswerving (see-also) faithful (attribute) constancy, stability4. uninterrupted in time and indefinitely long continuing; "the ceaseless thunder of surf"; "in constant pain"; "night and day we live with the incessant noise of the city"; "the never-ending search for happiness"; "the perpetual struggle to maintain standards in a democracy"; "man's unceasing warfare with drought and isolation"; "unremitting demands of hunger" (synonym) ceaseless, incessant, never-ending, perpetual, unceasing, unremitting (similar) continuous, uninterrupted

Cyson = a. concordant, harmonious; constant

Gwastadfod = n. constant state

Oestad, Oestadol = a. constant, constantly, always

Paraus = a. constant, of long continuance

Tryw = n. what pervades; what is constant; a trace; truth; agrimony, a. universal; constant

settled, determined

a concertina

A named item that retains a constant value throughout the execution of a program. A constant can be a string or numeric literal, another constant, or any combination that includes arithmetic or logical operators except Is and exponentiation. each host application can define its own set of constants. additional constants can be defined by the user with the Const statement. you can use constants anywhere in your code in place of actual values.

A group of symbols that represent a specific data value. the format of a constant depends on the data type of the value it represents. for example, 'abc' is a character string constant, 123 is an integer constant, 'December 16, 1999' is a datetime constant, and 0x02FA is a binary constant.

(PHP 4 >= 4.0.4)constant -- returns the value of a constantmixed constant ( string name)More Info

In mathematics and the mathematical sciences, a constant is a fixed, but possibly unspecified, value. this is in contrast to a variable, which is not fixed.

fear of stillness

ek'ka-, ek'kayik (adj.), ek'kat (n.)

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