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 communications of the acm  advanced communications function  netscape communications corporation  institute for global communications  communications network  communications protocol  universal communications x  data communications  mosaic communications corporation 

Noun1. the discipline that studies the principles of transmiting information and the methods by which it is delivered (as print or radio or television etc.); "communications is his major field of study" (synonym) communication theory (hypernym) discipline, subject, subject area, subject field, field, field of study, study, bailiwick, branch of knowledge (class) information, selective information, entropy

Noun1. the activity of communicating; the activity of conveying information; "they could not act without official communication from Moscow" (synonym) communicating (hypernym) act, human action, human activity (hyponym) transmission (derivation) communicate2. something that is communicated by or to or between people or groups (hypernym) social relation (hyponym) message (derivation) convey, transmit, communicate3. a connection allowing access between persons or places; "how many lines of communication can there be among four people?"; "a secret passageway provided communication between the two rooms" (hypernym) connection, connexion, connectedness (derivation) communicate

optical fibre bang path bandwidth serial port Personal communication Services Media gateway control Protocol Customer information control System marshalling RJ-11 service provider CU-SeeMe phacker Manchester encoding Common intermediate Format overhead diplex continuous wave T-carrier system Digital subscriber Line Asymmetric digital subscriber Line asymmetrical modulation bit rate Digital switched Network Serial line internet Protocol cutover Serial peripheral Interface Message passing Interface Direct inward Dialing directional coupler T3 cu T1 automatic baud rate detection Home Phoneline networking Alliance communication system set-top box noise shaping Internet backbone DS1C DS2 DS3 DS0 DSL Bit error Rate DS level communications software half-duplex DSU communications port circuit low earth orbit cost control callback double-duplex Phonetastic full-duplex Digital simultaneous voice and Data Automatic number Identification Automatic repeat Request Bose-Chaudhuri-Hocquenghem Code DS1 out-of-band TEI CTS CTI Nyquist Theorem Telecommunications device for the Deaf DPSK High speed circuit switched Data null modem telco Computer telephone Integration digital carrier multiplexing hardware handshaking Data over cable service interface Specification bearer channel beamer acoustic coupler Multi-User shared Hallucination Telocator alphanumeric Protocol Conferencing over IP coder/decoder RSCS packet radio parity parity bit tail circuit SDLC pager screen popping data transfer rate concentrator Morse code Data terminal Ready Data terminal Equipment dedicated line Delphi Return To Zero demodulation modem data service unit ATM H.323 data rate Dataphone digital Service Multimedia integrated conferencing for european Researchers Digital radio Mondiale Code division multiple Access Basic rate Interface Asynchronous communications interface Adapter noise General packet radio Service Remote spooling communication Subsystem Data communication Equipment PCN baud PC-TALK III remote echo Remote access Services High bit-rate digital subscriber Line common carrier packet switching Clover root bridge RS-232D parity error Telephony user Interface Telephony application programming Interface bits per second Digital data Service Digital enhanced cordless Telecommunications data channel repeater Baudot code RS-232C Asynchronous transfer Mode high speed serial interface telephony Open telecom Platform Telephone application program Interface audiographic teleconferencing attenuation synchronous streaming electronic data interchange Pretty amazing new Stuff electronic funds transfer Adaptive digital pulse code Modulation channel service unit/data service unit Point-to-Point Protocol time division multiplexing Point-to-Point tunneling Protocol throughput Intelsat addressed call mode Amplitude Modulation capacity Interactive voice Response quadruplex inter-exchange carrier Single-line digital subscriber Line latency FM Global system for mobile Communications Frame Relay Frame relay access Device line noise line conditioning Adaptive communication Environment stac compression Synchronous data link Control flow control addressee electronic commerce EIA-232 EIA-422 EIA-423 EIA-449 RealAudio EIA-485 EIA-530 Portable AIRTIME Integrated services digital Network Private branch Exchange 610 Cellular digital packet Data AM hello packet Internet telephony service Providers bulletin board system Private manual branch eXchange intermodulation distortion Physical transport Network Frequency Modulation Private automatic branch eXchange Fax over IP Carrierless Amplitude/Phase Modulation carrier signal IP Telephony facsimile stream isochronous Fibre Channel 5ESS Switch A&B Central office exchange service SNR bandwidth product Procomm 56 kbps America On-Line, Inc. 56k line broadband amateur packet radio broadcast quality video Frequency shift Keying spread spectrum communications quality of service frequency division multiplexing broken arrow Kermit Post, telephone and telegraph administration software handshaking squirt the bird central office local loop leased line Global positioning System in-band recipient simplex printer E3 Synchronous digital Hierarchy PSK local exchange carrier local echo cable modem FPLMTS E1 E2 Simplified Multicast routing Protocol Dual tone multi Frequency Public key Infrastructure statistical time division multiplexing Frame check Sequence adaptive answering go voice Public switched telephone Network PSDN signal-to-noise ratio simple multicast protocol FRAD duplex Longitudinal redundancy Check longitudinal parity Simple gateway control Protocol simplex signalling rate Call Unix single-duplex checksum E4 protocol analyser information superhighway plesiochronous E5 E-carrier system Plesiochronous digital Hierarchy Plain old telephone Service Link state routing Protocol Hayes-compatible vocoder two-binary, one-quaternary X.21 USB adapter card Support V.11 V.25 V.28 User network Interface Vertical redundancy Check Very high bit-rate digital subscriber Line Very small aperture Terminal V.FC Universal asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter video dial tone wavelength division multiplexing Video on Demand V.35 Upper Side-Band modulation visible bell Universal communications X V.10 Voice over IP VSAT video conferencing 

 Application programs, operating system components, and probably firmware, forming part of a communication system. these different software components might be classified according to the functions within the Open systems Interconnect model which they provide.(2001-03-18)

n. Qum

n. QumpIn

Communications may refer to:Communication, allows organisms to exchange information by several methodsTelecommunication, the transmission of signals over a distance for the purpose of communicationCommunication studies, "majoring in communications"

see Marketing Communication.

communications model that portrays opinion leaders as direct receivers of information from the mass media who then, in turn, interpret and transmit this information on to the general public.

argues that the promotion mix can take the customer through awareness, interest, desire and action (aida) in that order (see weak theory of communications).

communications Systems, Inc.

Exchange: Nasdaq

Manufactures and sells modular connecting and wiring devices for voice and data communications; and provides value-added design and electronic assembly services for original equipment manufacturers.

electronic transfer of information between each base station terminal and related equipment.

how well equipment is communicating; Values: operational, degraded, failed

1. Information transfer, among users or processes, according to agreed conventions. (188 ) 2. the branch of technology concerned with the representation, transfer, interpretation, and processing of data among persons, places, and machines. Note: the meaning assigned to the data must be preserved during these operations.

the capabilities required by commanders to exercise command and control of their forces. [JCS pub 18, Operations Security , Dec. 1982.]

integrated systems of doctrine, procedures, organizational structures, personnel, equipment, facilities, and communications designed to support a commander's exercise of command and control , through all phases of the operational continuum. Synonym C4 systems. [JP1 ]

the facilities, computer equipment, communications equipment, display devices, and intelligence systems necessary to support military operations.

(plural) originally transport, the system of routes for moving vehicles, people or supplies, now, the kind of entities or messages actually exchanged in the process of communication (singular) like letters, telegrams, taped messages. communications are the carriers of information. (Krippendorff )


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