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Definition by Wiktionary (Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License)

commercial activities relate to trade or business. judicial cooperation at EU level aims to facilitate the commercial activities of EU citizens across borders. (See Judicial co-operation in civil matters, European judicial network, Mutual recognition)

commercialcom*mer"cial (?), a. [cf. f. commercial.] of or pertaining to commerce; carrying on or occupied with commerce or trade; mercantile; as, commercial advantages; commercial relations. "princely commercial houses."commercial college, a school for giving instruction in commercial knowledge and business.commercial law. see under law.commercial note paper, a small size of writing paper, usually about 5 by 7½ or 8 inches.commercial paper, negotiable paper given in due course of business. it includes bills of exchange, promissory notes, bank checks, etc.commercial traveler, an agent of a wholesale house who travels from town to town to solicit orders.   similar words(4) 

 commercial at  commercial traveler  commercial law  commercial traveller 


Of or pertaining to commerce; carrying on or occupied with commerce or trade; mercantile; as, commercial advantages; commercial relations.  

Noun1. a commercially sponsored ad on radio or television (synonym) commercial message (hypernym) ad, advertisement, advertizement, advertising, advertizing, advert (hyponym) infomercial, informercialAdjective1. connected with or engaged in or sponsored by or used in commerce or commercial enterprises; "commercial trucker"; "commercial TV"; "commercial diamonds" (antonym) noncommercial (similar) commercialized, commercialised (attribute) commerce, commercialism, mercantilism2. of or relating to commercialism; "a commercial attache"; "commercial paper"; "commercial law" (pertainym) commerce, commercialism, mercantilism3. of the kind or quality used in commerce; average or inferior; "commercial grade of beef"; "commercial oxalic acid" (similar) inferior

Trafnidiol = a. commercial


Commercial may refer to:Advertising, commercial messagesRadio commercial, promoted via the medium of radioTelevision advertisement, promoted via the medium of televisionCommerce, the voluntary exchange of goods, services, or bothTrade, the trading of something of economic value such as goods, services, information or moneyCommercial cattle, a breed of beevesCommercial drive (Vancouver), a roadway in the city of VancouverCommercial Solutions, a company in edmonton commercial Township, new Jersey, in cumberland County, new Jersey

the at sign (@, read aloud in english as "at") is a typographic symbol used as an abbreviation for "at" in accounting and commercial invoices, in statements such as "7 widgets @ $2 ea. = $14". more recently, the at symbol has become ubiquitous because of its use in e-mail addresses.

a television advertisement .

1. pertaining to business; done with a profit motive.2. an audio or video advertising announcement, usually presented on television, radio or in a cinema theater.

commercial bank of new York

Exchange: Nasdaq

Performs commercial banking operations, trust services and other related financial activities.

commercial federal CORP

Exchange: NYSE

Savings and loan holding company with subsidiary which performs savings bank operations, insurance services, mortgage banking services, leasing, investment banking services and other related financial activities.

commercial Bankshares, Inc.

Exchange: Nasdaq

Bank holding company with subsidiary which performs commercial banking operations and other related financial activities.

commercial metals CO

Exchange: NYSE

Manufactures copper tubing as well as steel reinforcing bars, angles, rounds, channels, flats and special sections used primarily in highways and reinforced concrete structures; Repairs, rebuilds and performs custom maintenance; manufactures railroad freight cars; develops and markets general accounting computer software; Processes

commercial concepts INC

Exchange: OTCBB

Not Available


Exchange: OTCBB

Not Available

commercial national financial Corporation

Exchange: Nasdaq

Bank holding company with subsidiary which performs commercial banking operations and other related financial activities.

commercial net lease REAL

Exchange: NYSE

Not Available

music, musician, or musicianship designed solely for fame and fgortune; also, a sponsored radio program.

wastewater (sewage) produced by domestic and commercial establishments.

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