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Definition by Wiktionary (Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License)

commandcom*mand" (?; 61), v. t. [imp. & p. p. commanded; p. pr. & vb. n. commanding.] [oe. comaunden, commanden, of. comander, f. commander, fr. l. com- + mandare to commit to, to command. cf. commend, mandate.] 1. to order with authority; to lay injunction upon; to direct; to bid; to charge. we are commanded to forgive our enemies, but you never read that we are commanded to forgive our friends. go to your mistress: say, i command her come to me. 2. to exercise direct authority over; to have control of; to have at one's disposal; to lead. monmouth commanded the english auxiliaries. such aid as i can spare you shall command. 3. to have within a sphere of control, influence, access, or vision; to dominate by position; to guard; to overlook. bridges commanded by a fortified house. up to the eastern tower, whose height commands as subject all the vale. one side commands a view of the finest garden. 4. to have power or influence of the nature of authority over; to obtain as if by ordering; to receive as a due; to challenge; to claim; as, justice commands the respect and affections of the people; the best goods command the best price. 'tis not in mortals to command success. 5. to direct to come; to bestow. [obs.] i will command my blessing upon you. xxv. 21.   similar words(13) 

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(v. t.)

To order with authority; to lay injunction upon; to direct; to bid; to charge.  

(v. t.)

To have within a sphere of control, influence, access, or vision; to dominate by position; to guard; to overlook.  

(v. t.)

To have power or influence of the nature of authority over; to obtain as if by ordering; to receive as a due; to challenge; to claim; as, justice commands the respect and affections of the people; the best goods command the best price.  

(v. t.)

To exercise direct authority over; to have control of; to have at one's disposal; to lead.  

(v. t.)

To direct to come; to bestow.  

(v. i.)

To have or to exercise direct authority; to govern; to sway; to influence; to give an order or orders.  

(v. i.)

To have a view, as from a superior position.  


The possession or exercise of authority.  


Power to dominate, command, or overlook by means of position; scope of vision; survey.  


Control; power over something; sway; influence; as, to have command over one's temper or voice; the fort has command of the bridge.  


Authority; power or right of control; leadership; as, the forces under his command.  


An authoritative order requiring obedience; a mandate; an injunction.  


A body of troops, or any naval or military force or post, or the whole territory under the authority or control of a particular officer.  

Noun1. an authoritative direction or instruction to do something (synonym) bid, bidding, dictation (hypernym) speech act (hyponym) countermand (derivation) require, compel2. a military unit or region under the control of a single officer (hypernym) military unit, military force, military group, force (hyponym) air combat Command, acc (classification) military, armed forces, armed services, military machine, war machine3. the power or authority to command; "an admiral in command" (hypernym) authority, authorization, authorisation, dominance, say-so (derivation) control4. availability for use; "the materials at the command of the potters grew" (hypernym) handiness, accessibility, availability, availableness5. a position of highest authority; "the corporation has just undergone a change in command" (hypernym) status, position (derivation) control6. great skillfulness and knowledge of some subject or activity; "a good command of French" (synonym) control, mastery (hypernym) skillfulness7. (computer science) a line of code written as part of a computer program (synonym) instruction, statement, program line (hypernym) code, computer code (hyponym) call (part-holonym) program, programme, computer program, computer programme (classification) computer science, computingVerb1. be in command of; "The general commanded a huge army" (hypernym) dominate, master (hyponym) general2. make someone do something (synonym) require, compel (hypernym) order, tell, enjoin, say (hyponym) charge, saddle, burden (derivation) commandment3. demand as one's due; "This speaker commands a high fee"; "The author commands a fair hearing from his readers" (hypernym) demand, exact4. look down on; "The villa dominates the town" (synonym) dominate, overlook, overtop (hypernym) lie (hyponym) shadow, overshadow, dwarf5. exercise authoritative control or power over; "control the budget"; "Command the military forces" (synonym) control (hyponym) preoccupy

Llawfrenin = n. the play of question and command

Siars = n. a charge, a command

A character string which tells a program to perform a specific action. most commands take arguments which either modify the action performed or supply it with input. commands may be typed by the user or read from a file by a command interpreter. It is also common to refer to menu items as commands.(1997-06-21)

- static method in class java.lang.Compiler  public static Object command (Object  any)Examines the argument type and its fields and perform some documented operation. No specific operations are required.Parameters: any - an argument.Returns: a compiler-specific value, or null if no compiler is available.

v. ra'

n. ra'ghomquv

n. yo'SeH yaHnIv


1. the authority that a commander in the armed forces lawfully exercises over subordinates by virtue of rank or assignment. command includes the authority and responsibility for effectively using available resources and for planning the employment of, organizing, directing, coordinating, and controlling military forces for the accomplishment of assigned missions. It also includes responsibility for health, welfare, morale, and discipline of assigned personnel. 2. An order given by a commander; that is, the will of the commander expressed for the purpose of bringing about a particular action. 3. A unit or units, an organization, or an area under the command of one individual. also called CMD. see also area command; combatant command; combatant command (command authority). (JP 1)  

Command may refer to:Command (military formation), an organizational unitCommand (computing), a statement in a computer languageCommand key, a modifier key on apple macintosh computer keyboardsCommand Records, a record labelThe imperative grammatical mood

duco, imperium, nutus, praesieo-sedi-ere, mando

iubeo iussi iussum


To dream of being commanded, denotes that you will be humbled in some way by your associates for scorn shown your superiors. To dream of giving a command, you will have some honor conferred upon you. If this is done in a tyrannical or boastful way disappointments will follow.  

human instruction for an automatic machine to carry out a movement or a function

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1. An order for an action to take place. 2. In data transmission, an instruction sent by the primary station instructing a secondary station to perform some specific function. (188 ) 3. In signaling systems, a control signal. 4. In computer programming, that part of a computer instruction word that specifies the operation to be performed. 5. Loosely, a mathematical or logic operator.

the capabilities required by commanders to exercise command and control of their forces. [JCS pub 18, Operations Security , Dec. 1982.]

integrated systems of doctrine, procedures, organizational structures, personnel, equipment, facilities, and communications designed to support a commander's exercise of command and control , through all phases of the operational continuum. Synonym C4 systems. [JP1 ]

the facilities, computer equipment, communications equipment, display devices, and intelligence systems necessary to support military operations.

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