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Definition by Wiktionary (Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License)

combiningadj 1. able to or tending to combine [syn: combinable, combinational, combinatory, combining(a) ] 2. forming derivative or compound words by putting together constituents each of which expresses a single definite meaning [syn: agglutinative, combining(a) , polysynthetic] n 1: an occurrence that results in things being combined [syn: combination, combine] 2: the act of combining things [syn: combination, compounding]   similar words(1) 

 combining weight 

(p. pr. & vb. n.)

of Combine  

Noun1. an occurrence that results in things being united (synonym) combine (hypernym) union (hyponym) recombination (derivation) unite, combine2. the act of combining things to form a new whole (synonym) combination, compounding (hypernym) change of integrity (hyponym) attachment, affixation (derivation) combine

Noun1. harvester that heads and threshes and cleans grain while moving across the field (hypernym) harvester, reaper2. a consortium of independent organizations formed to limit competition by controlling the production and distribution of a product or service; "they set up the trust in the hope of gaining a monopoly" (synonym) trust, corporate trust, cartel (hypernym) consortium, pool, syndicate (hyponym) drug cartel3. an occurrence that results in things being united (synonym) combining (hypernym) union (hyponym) recombination (derivation) uniteVerb1. put or add together; "combine resources" (synonym) compound (hypernym) add (hyponym) totalize, totalise (derivation) combination2. have or possess in combination; "she unites charm with a good business sense" (synonym) unite (hypernym) have, feature (derivation) combining3. combine so as to form a whole; mix; "compound the ingredients" (synonym) compound (hypernym) mix, mingle, commix, unify, amalgamate (hyponym) integrate, incorporate (derivation) combining4. add together from different sources; "combine resources" (hypernym) contribute, give, chip in, kick in (derivation) combining5. join for a common purpose or in a common action; "These forces combined with others" (hypernym) interact (hyponym) summate (derivation) combination6. gather in a mass, sum, or whole (synonym) aggregate (hypernym) mix, mingle, commix, unify, amalgamate (hyponym) unitize, unitise (derivation) combination7. mix together different elements; "The colors blend well" (synonym) blend, flux, mix, conflate, commingle, immix, fuse, coalesce, meld, merge (hypernym) change integrity (hyponym) gauge (derivation) combination

Cysoddiad = n. a combining

Cysoddol = a. combining

Tasiad = n. a combining

- static variable in class java.awt.font.GlyphMetrics  public static final byte COMBINING indicates a glyph that represents a combining character, such as an umlaut. there is no caret position between this glyph and the preceeding glyph.

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