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Definition by Wiktionary (Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License)

civicciv"ic (?), a. [l.civicus, fr. civis citizen. see city.] relating to, or derived from, a city or citizen; relating to man as a member of society, or to civil affairs.civic crown (rom. antiq.), a crown or garland of oak leaves and acorns, bestowed on a soldier who had saved the life of a citizen in battle.   similar words(2) 

 civic crown  civic center 


Relating to, or derived from, a city or citizen; relating to man as a member of society, or to civil affairs.  

Adjective1. of or relating or belonging to a city; "civic center"; "civic problems" (pertainym) city2. of or relating to or befitting citizens as individuals; "civil rights"; "civil liberty"; "civic duties"; "civic pride" (synonym) civil (pertainym) citizen

Civic can refer to multiple things:Civics, the science of comparative governmentCivic engagement, the connection one feels with their larger communityHonda Civic, a car produced by the honda motor Co.City Centre, australian capital Territory (commonly called Civic), the central business district of Canberra, AustraliaCampaign for innocent victims in Conflict (CIVIC), a humanitarian organization


aircraft carrier information Center

cyclone integrated video interfaces Controller

civic BanCorp

Exchange: Nasdaq

Bank holding company with subsidiary which performs commercial banking operations, mortgage banking, trust services and other related financial activities.

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