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Definition by Wiktionary (Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License)

Of, pertaining to, or consisting of cells

A system of mobile telephony whereby a country is divided into thousands of small areas(cells), each of which is served by its own "base station" for low-powered radio transmissions. this allows a user in one cell to transmit on the same frequency as another user in another cell without interfering in each other's conversation. cellular networks may employ analogue or digital transmission. existing networks are largely analogue, while new networks use the european GSM digital standard. 

A system for cellular automaton programming by J dana Eckart dana@faculty.cs.runet.edu. cellular includes a byte-code compiler, run-time system, and a viewer.Latest version: 2.0, as of 1993-04-03.Posted to comp.sources.unix, volume 26.See also Cellang.(2000-10-07)

cellularcel"lu*lar (s&ebreve;l"ŭ*l&etilde;r; 135), a. [l. cellula a little cell: cf. f. cellulaire. see cellule.] consisting of, or containing, cells; of or pertaining to a cell or cells.cellular plants,cellular cryptogams (bot.), those flowerless plants which have no ducts or fiber in their tissue, as mosses, fungi, lichens, and alg?.cellular theory, or   similar words(11) 

 cellular automaton  cellular theory  cellular tissue  cellular division  cellular inclusion  cellular plants  hargrave or cellular kite  cellular automata  quantum-dot cellular automata  cellular cryptogams  cellular respiration 


Consisting of, or containing, cells; of or pertaining to a cell or cells.  

Adjective1. relating to cells; "cellular walls"; "cellular physiology" (pertainym) cell (classification) biology, biological science2. characterized by or divided into or containing cells or compartments (the smallest organizational or structural unit of an organism or organization); "the cellular construction of a beehive"; "any effective opposition to a totalitarian regime must be secretive and cellular"; "a cellular phone uses a network of shortrange transmitters located in overlapping cells" (antonym) noncellular, acellular (similar) cancellate, cancellated, cancellous (classification) organism, being

Cellular may refer to:Mobile phoneCellular frequencies, networks operating in the cellular RF bandCellular network, cellular radio networking in generalRelated to cell (biology)Cellular (film), a 2004 movie

new york City-United states of america + 1-917

composed of cells.

fear of noises or voices or one's own voice; of telephones

fear of telephones

cellular technical services Company, Inc.

Exchange: Nasdaq

Designs, develops, markets, installs and supports integrated real-time information management systems for the wireless communications industry.


made up of small compartments.

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