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Definition by Wiktionary (Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License)

britishrit"ish (br&ibreve;t"&ibreve;sh), a. [as. brittisc, bryttisc.] of or pertaining to great britain or to its inhabitants; -- sometimes restricted to the original inhabitants.british gum, a brownish substance, very soluble in cold water, formed by heating dry starch at a temperature of about 600° fahr. it corresponds, in its properties, to dextrin, and is used, in solution, as a substitute for gum in stiffering goods.british lion, the national emblem of great britain.british seas, the four seas which surround great britain.british rit"ish, n. pl. people of great britain.british adj : of or relating to or characteristic of great britain or its people or culture; "his wife is british" [syn: british] n : the people of great britain [syn: british, british people, the british, brits]   similar words(9) 

 british pound  british seas  british standards institute  british gum  british lion  british people  british telecom  british capacity unit  the british 

(n. pl.)

People of great Britain.  


Of or pertaining to great britain or to its inhabitants; -- sometimes restricted to the original inhabitants.  

OriginFrom Shakespeare's king Lear

OriginChristopher North, in Noctes Ambrosianae, 'His majesty's dominions, on which the sun never sets.'

Noun1. the people of great britain (synonym) british people, the British, brits (hypernym) nation, land, country, a peopleAdjective1. of or relating to or characteristic of great britain or its people or culture; "his wife is British" (pertainym) great Britain

adj., Briotanach

British is the adjectival form of Britain. its actual linguistic derivation is from the latin "Britannia" term used during the Latin-Roman rule of britain and thereafter until the early middle ages, throughout the romanised world.

• The north british distillery Co. Ltd.(a.k.a. NB Distillery)Established in 1885, production satrting in 1887.First chairman of the Board: andrew UsherCapacity: 65 million liters per year. main products are grain whisky and grain neutral SpiritLocation: Gorgie, Edinburgh, Scotland• the north BritishThe north british 1980 cask Strength, single scotch grain WhiskyThe north british 40 YO limited edition (1000 bottles), single scotch grain WhiskyBy: the north british distillery Co. Ltd. (Edinburgh, Scotland)

fear of England, english culture, etc

british airways P L C

Exchange: NYSE

Operates international and domestic scheduled and charter air services for the carrying of passengers and cargo; and provides other services to outside parties, including passenger and cargo handling and aircraft maintenance.

british biotech plc

Exchange: Nasdaq

Holding company with subsidiaries which research and develop pharmaceutical products relating to cancer, inflammatory and vascular diseases and immunotherapy of viral diseases.

british ENERGY

Exchange: NYSE

Provides electricity by operating modern nuclear power stations.

british sky BROADCASTING

Exchange: NYSE

Provides pay-television services in the united kingdom.

british american tobacco Industries, p.l.c.

Exchange: AMEX

Manufactures tobacco and tobacco products; and manufactures fine and specialty paper and carbonless copying papers.

british TELECOMM P L C

Exchange: NYSE

Provides local, national and international telecommunication services; supplies telephone apparatus for rent or purchase; provides a range of other services, such as telex, radiophone, radiopaging, data transmissions, voice messaging and facsimile services, directory assistance services and private circuit lines; Provides

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