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Definition by Wiktionary (Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License)

breedingreed"ing (&?;), n. 1. the act or process of generating or bearing. 2. the raising or improving of any kind of domestic animals; as, farmers should pay attention to breeding. 3. nurture; education; formation of manners. she had her breeding at my father's charge. 4. deportment or behavior in the external offices and decorums of social life; manners; knowledge of, or training in, the ceremonies, or polite observances of society. delicacy of breeding, or that polite deference and respect which civility obliges us either to express or counterfeit towards the persons with whom we converse. ume. 5. descent; pedigree; extraction. [obs.] honest gentlemen, i know not your breeding.   similar words(8) 

 close breeding  good breeding  cross breeding  ill breeding  ill-breeding  line breeding  court breeding  in and in breeding 

(p. pr. & vb. n.)

of Breed  


The raising or improving of any kind of domestic animals; as, farmers should pay attention to breeding.  


The act or process of generating or bearing.  


Nurture; education; formation of manners.  


Descent; pedigree; extraction.  


Deportment or behavior in the external offices and decorums of social life; manners; knowledge of, or training in, the ceremonies, or polite observances of society.  

Noun1. elegance by virtue of fineness of manner and expression (synonym) genteelness, gentility (hypernym) elegance2. the result of good upbringing (especially knowledge of correct social behavior); "a woman of breeding and refinement" (synonym) education, training (hypernym) upbringing3. raising someone to be an accepted member of the community; "they debated whether nature or nurture was more important" (synonym) bringing up, fostering, fosterage, nurture, raising, rearing, upbringing (hypernym) socialization, socialisation, acculturation, enculturation4. the production of animals or plants by inbreeding or hybridization (hypernym) production (hyponym) autosexing (derivation) breed5. the sexual activity of conceiving and bearing offspring (synonym) reproduction, procreation, facts of life (hypernym) sexual activity, sexual practice, sex, sex activity (hyponym) miscegenation, crossbreeding, interbreeding (derivation) breed, multiplyAdjective1. producing offspring or set aside especially for producing offspring; "the breeding population"; "retained a few bulls for breeding purposes" (similar) fruitful

Noun1. a special lineage; "a breed of Americans" (hypernym) lineage, line, line of descent, descent, bloodline, blood line, blood, pedigree, ancestry, origin, parentage, stemma, stock (derivation) multiply2. a special variety of domesticated animals within a species; "he experimented on a particular breed of white rats"; "he created a new strain of sheep" (synonym) strain, stock (hypernym) variety (hyponym) bloodstock (member-holonym) species3. half-caste offspring of parents of different races (especially of white and indian parents) (synonym) half-breed (hypernym) half-caste (hyponym) metis (derivation) multiply4. a lineage or race of people (synonym) strain (hypernym) ancestry, lineage, derivation, filiation (derivation) multiplyVerb1. call forth (synonym) engender, spawn (hypernym) cause, do, make2. copulate with a female, used especially of horses; "The horse covers the mare" (synonym) cover (hypernym) copulate, mate, pair, couple (verb-group) brood, hatch, cover, incubate (classification) animal husbandry3. of plants or animals; "She breeds dogs" (hypernym) produce, make, create (hyponym) mongrelize, mongrelise (derivation) strain, stock4. have young (animals); "pandas rarely breed in captivity" (synonym) multiply (hypernym) reproduce, procreate, multiply (hyponym) pullulate (derivation) half-breed

Chweinllyd = a. breeding fleas

Henfon = n. a breeding cow

Llytrodiad = n. a breeding of filth

Magiad = n. a breeding, a rearing

Magol = a. nursing, breeding

Breeding generally refers to the act of biological reproduction or but may also refer to:Artificial selection, the intentional breeding of certain traits, or combinations of traits, over othersSelective breeding, in domesticated animals is the process of developing a cultivated breed over timeCat breeding, Dog breeding, Horse breeding, Plant breeding, Cuniculture (rabbit breeding)


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