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Definition by Wiktionary (Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License)

refers to an expression or variable that can have only a true or false value. the java programming language provides the boolean type and the literal values true and false.

boolean variables are stored as 16-bit (2-byte) numbers, but they can only be true or False. boolean variables display as either true or false (when print is used) or #TRUE# or #FALSE# (when write # is used). use the keywords true and false to assign one of the two states to boolean variables.When other numeric types are converted to boolean values, 0 becomes false and all other values become True. when boolean values are converted to other data types, false becomes 0 and true becomes -1.----------------------------------------Boolean logic, boolean expressions and boolean operators are key components in a mathematical syntax. the processes and logic associated with it are named after the nineteenth century mathematician george Boole. boolean logic is a form of algebra in which all values are reduced to either true or FALSE. boolean logic is especially important for computer science because it fits nicely with the binary numbering system, in which each bit has a value of either 1 or 0. another way of looking at it is that each bit has a value of either true or FALSE, corresponding to 1 or 0. An expression that results in a value of either true or FALSE. for example, the expression: 2 is a boolean expression because the result is TRUE. all expressions that contain relational operators , such as the less than sign ( "SELECT all where LAST_NAME = "Smith" and FIRST_NAME = "John"" finds all records with the name john Smith. but the query "SELECT all where LAST_NAME = "Smith" OR FIRST_NAME = "John"" finds all records with the last name "Smith" or the first name "John." boolean operators x and y: result is true if both x and y are TRUE. otherwise the result is FALSE. x OR y: result is true if either x or y is TRUE. otherwise the result is FALSE. x xor y: result is true only if x and y have different values. otherwise the result is FALSE. NOT: x result is true if x is FALSE. result is false if x is TRUE. sometimes considered but less often used: NOR: is the combination of OR, followed by not NAND: is the combination of and followed by NOT

- class java.lang..Boolean  public final class Boolean extends Object implements Serializable  Tree:java.lang.Object - java.lang.Boolean the boolean class wraps a value of the primitive type boolean in an object. An object of type boolean contains a single field whose type is boolean.

- constructor for class java.lang.Boolean  public Boolean (String  s)Allocates a boolean object representing the value true if the string argument is not null and is equal, ignoring case, to the string "true". Otherwise, allocate a boolean object representing the value false. Examples: produces a object that represents . produces a object that represents .Parameters: s - the string to be converted to a Boolean.

- constructor for class java.lang.Boolean  public Boolean (boolean value)Allocates a boolean object representing the value argument.Parameters: value - the value of the Boolean.

1. Boolean algebra. 2. (bool) the type of an expression with two possible values, "true" and "false". Also, a variable of boolean type or a function with boolean arguments or result. the most common boolean functions are AND, OR and NOT.(1997-12-01)

An operation or expression that can be evaluated only as either true or false.

this term refers to the logic computers use to determine if a statement is true or false. there are 4 main boolean operators: AND, NOT, OR, and XOR. below are some examples of how the 4 operators work: x and y retuns true if both x and y are true, otherwise the expression returns False.NOT x returns true if x is false (or null) and false if x is true.x OR y returns true if either x or y or both are true; only if they are both false will it return False.x xor y returns true if either x or y are true, but not both. If x and y are both true or false, the statement will return False. though boolean expressions are what drive the cpus in computers, they can be used by computer users to. programmers often use boolean expressions in software development to control loops and variables. Also, many search engines will allow you to use boolean expressions to specify your search. for example, "Macintosh OR apple not fruit" would help narrow a search for apple computer products.

booleanadj : of or relating to a combinatorial system devised by george boole that combines propositions with the logical operators and and or and if then and except and not [syn: boolean]   similar words(3) 

 boolean logic  boolean algebra  boolean search 

Adjective1. of or relating to a combinatorial system devised by george boole that combines propositions with the logical operators and and OR and IF then and except and not (pertainym) Boole, george Boole

conj. joq

conj. ghap

Boolean may refer to:Boolean datatype, a certain datatype in computer scienceBoolean algebra (logic), a logical calculus of truth values or set membershipBoolean network, a certain network consisting of a set of boolean variables whose state is determined by other variables in the networkBoolean algebra (structure), a certain algebraic structure in mathematicsBoolean function, a function which determines boolean values or operators

boolean images(also known as binary or logical images) contains only two parts with the values of 0 or 1. In a boolean image, 0 indicates a pixel that does not meet the desired condition.

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