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Definition by Wiktionary (Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License)

1. published opening theory.2. the library of opening moves maintained by a computer chess playing program.

1. to run, to get away 2. to leave


book of names of people liable to censure or punishment; small book containing a private list of names and addresses of associates in business, partners in sex, crime, etc.

be a bookmaker

pornographic book

something that is not at all empty

in disfavour

(horseracing) lay and receive bets at such odds that whichever horse wins, a profit is made

work as a bookmaker

pornographic magazine

surprise; unexpected reversal of fortune

be an expert at, especially a self-proclaimed expert: "Do I know anything about picture-hanging? I wrote the book on it!"

bookook (b&oocr;k), n. [oe. book, bok, as. bōc; akin to goth. bōka a letter, in pl. book, writing, icel. bōk, sw. bok, dan. bog, os. bōk, d. boek, ohg. puoh, g. buch; and fr. as. bōc, bēce, beech; because the ancient saxons and germans in general wrote runes on pieces of beechen board. cf. beech.] 1. a collection of sheets of paper, or similar material, blank, written, or printed, bound together; commonly, many folded and bound sheets containing continuous printing or writing.note: when blank, it is called a blank book. when printed, the term often distinguishes a bound volume, or a volume of some size, from a pamphlet.note: it has been held that, under the copyright law, a book is not necessarily a volume made of many sheets bound together; it may be printed on a single sheet, as music or a diagram of patterns. 2. a composition, written or printed; a treatise. a good book is the precious life blood of a master spirit, embalmed and treasured up on purpose to a life beyond life. 3. a part or subdivision of a treatise or literary work; as, the tenth book of "paradise lost." 4. a volume or collection of sheets in which accounts are kept; a register of debts and credits, receipts and expenditures, etc. 5. six tricks taken by one side, in the game of whist; in certain other games, two or more corresponding cards, forming a set.note: book is used adjectively or as a part of many compounds; as, book buyer, bookrack, book club, book lore, book sale, book trade, memorandum book, account, an account or register of debt or credit in a debt, a debt for items charged to the debtor by the creditor in his book of learning, learning acquired from books, as distinguished from practical knowledge. "neither does it so much require book learning and scholarship, as good natural sense, to distinguish true and false."book louse (zo?l.), one of several species of minute, wingless insects injurious to books and papers. they belong to the moth (zo?l.), the name of several species of moths, the larv? of which eat oath, an oath made on the book, or bible.   similar words(102) 

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(v. t.)

To mark out for; to destine or assign for; as, he is booked for the valedictory.  

(v. t.)

To enter, write, or register in a book or list.  

(v. t.)

To enter the name of (any one) in a book for the purpose of securing a passage, conveyance, or seat; as, to be booked for Southampton; to book a seat in a theater.  


Six tricks taken by one side, in the game of whist; in certain other games, two or more corresponding cards, forming a set.  


A volume or collection of sheets in which accounts are kept; a register of debts and credits, receipts and expenditures, etc.  


A part or subdivision of a treatise or literary work; as, the tenth book of "Paradise Lost."  


A composition, written or printed; a treatise.  


A collection of sheets of paper, or similar material, blank, written, or printed, bound together; commonly, many folded and bound sheets containing continuous printing or writing.  

MeaningThe phrase that denoted excommunication from the catholic church. OriginIn the excommunication ceremony officials close the book, quench the candle and toll a bell, as for someone who had died.

MeaningFollow the rules.OriginThe book is 'The good Book' - the Bible.

MeaningFollow the rules.OriginThe book is 'The good Book' - the Bible.

MeaningTo be in disgrace or out of favour. OriginOriginally black books, which is where a list of people of disrepute were kept.

Noun1. the sacred writings of islam revealed by god to the prophet muhammad during his life at mecca and medina (synonym) Koran, Quran, al-Qur'an (hypernym) sacred text, sacred writing, religious writing, religious text (part-meronym) sura2. the sacred writings of the christian religions; "he went to carry the word to the heathen" (synonym) Bible, christian Bible, good Book, holy Scripture, holy Writ, Scripture, word of God, word (hypernym) sacred text, sacred writing, religious writing, religious text (hyponym) family bible (part-meronym) old testament (class) covenant

Noun1. a written work or composition that has been published (printed on pages bound together); "I am reading a good book on economics" (hypernym) publication (hyponym) authority (part-meronym) signature2. physical objects consisting of a number of pages bound together; "he used a large book as a doorstop" (synonym) volume (hypernym) product, production (hyponym) album (part-meronym) binding, book binding, cover, back3. a record in which commercial accounts are recorded; "they got a subpoena to examine our books" (synonym) ledger, leger, account book, book of account (hypernym) record (hyponym) cost ledger (member-meronym) accounting, accounting system, method of accounting4. a number of sheets (ticket or stamps etc.) bound together on one edge; "he bought a book of stamps" (hypernym) product, production5. a compilation of the known facts regarding something or someone; "Al smith used to say, `Let's look at the record'"; "his name is in all the recordbooks" (synonym) record, record book (hypernym) fact (hyponym) logbook6. a major division of a long written composition; "the book of Isaiah" (hypernym) section, subdivision (hyponym) Genesis, book of genesis (part-holonym) text, textual matter7. a written version of a play or other dramatic composition; used in preparing for a performance (synonym) script, playscript (hypernym) dramatic composition, dramatic work (hyponym) promptbook, prompt copy8. a collection of rules or prescribed standards on the basis of which decisions are made; "they run things by the book around here" (synonym) rule book (hypernym) collection, aggregation, accumulation, assemblage (part-meronym) rule, prescriptVerb1. record a charge in a police register; "The policeman booked her when she tried to solicit a man" (hypernym) record, enter, put down (hyponym) ticket, fine2. arrange for and reserve (something for someone else) in advance; "reserve me a seat on a flight"; "The agent booked tickets to the show for the whole family"; "please hold a table at Maxim's" (synonym) reserve, hold (hypernym) request, bespeak, call for, quest (hyponym) keep open, hold open, keep, save (entail) procure, secure (verb-group) reserve (derivation) booking, reservation3. engage for a performance; "Her agent had booked her for several concerts in Tokyo" (hypernym) schedule (derivation) booker, booking agent4. register in a hotel booker (hypernym) register (derivation) booking, reservation

leabhar m.Book of the dun Cow: Leabhar na hUidhre

Coflyfr = n. a memorandum book

Llyfr = n. what drags, the heel of a drag = n. a book

Llyfru = v. to book

Llyfryn = n. a little book

Ystanc = n. a holdfast, a bracket, a wooden book. Ystanc ceffyl, a horse-

a paper of conditions.

See: writing   

book; scribe; number  

this word has a comprehensive meaning in Scripture. In the old testament it is the rendering of the hebrew word sepher, which properly means a "writing," and then a "volume" (Ex. 17:14; Deut. 28:58; 29:20; job 19:23) or "roll of a book" (Jer. 36:2, 4). books were originally written on skins, on linen or cotton cloth, and on egyptian papyrus, whence our word "paper." the leaves of the book were generally written in columns, designated by a hebrew word properly meaning "doors" and "valves" (Jer. 36:23, R.V., marg. "columns"). among the hebrews books were generally rolled up like our maps, or if very long they were rolled from both ends, forming two rolls (Luke 4:17-20). thus they were arranged when the writing was on flexible materials; but if the writing was on tablets of wood or brass or lead, then the several tablets were bound together by rings through which a rod was passed. A sealed book is one whose contents are secret (Isa. 29:11; Rev. 5:1-3). To "eat" a book (Jer. 15:16; Ezek. 2:8-10; 3:1-3; Rev. 10:9) is to study its contents carefully. the book of judgment (Dan. 7:10) refers to the method of human courts of justice as illustrating the proceedings which will take place at the day of god's final judgment. the book of the wars of the lord (Num. 21:14), the book of Jasher (Josh. 10:13), and the book of the chronicles of the kings of judah and israel (2 Chr. 25:26), were probably ancient documents known to the Hebrews, but not forming a part of the canon. the book of life (Ps. 69:28) suggests the idea that as the redeemed form a community or citizenship (Phil. 3:20; 4:3), a catalogue of the citizens' names is preserved (Luke 10:20; Rev. 20:15). their names are registered in heaven (Luke 10:20; Rev. 3:5). the book of the covenant (Ex. 24:7), containing Ex. 20:22-23:33, is the first book actually mentioned as a part of the written word. It contains a series of laws, civil, social, and religious, given to moses at sinai immediately after the delivery of the decalogue. these were written in this "book."

A banker or trader's positions.

n. paq


1) the group of mares being bred to a stallion in a given year. If a stallion attracts the maximum number of mares allowed by the farm manager, he has a full book. 2) A term used to describe a jockey's riding commitments with his agent: An agent handles a jockey's book.

A physical place that accepts wagers on sports or horses.

the story and the dialogue of a musical

A book is a set or collection of written, printed, illustrated, or blank sheets, made of paper, parchment, or other material, usually fastened together to hinge at one side. A single sheet within a book is called a leaf, and each side of a sheet is called a page. A book produced in electronic format is known as an e-book.

the book usually titled as ---- is a polemical book by lithuanian historian Edvardas Gudavičius, written in Lithuanian. It was published in 2002 by Aidai in Vilnius (ISBN 9955-445-55-6). It does not have any proper title, but publishers and book sellers usually put four dashes as the title.

liber libri

place the hands palm to palm, with fingers pointing forward. open both hands to the palm-up position while maintaining contact with the little fingers.

- class java.awt.print..Book  public class Book extends Object implements Pageable  Tree:java.lang.Object - java.awt.print.Book the book class provides a representation of a document in which pages may have different page formats and page painters. this class uses the interface to interact with a .

- constructor for class java.awt.print.Book  public Book ()Creates a new, empty Book.

fear of books

Knowledge; Books: Counsellor

See Blue book

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