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Definition by Wiktionary (Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License)

Boehme, Jacob or Bohme, Jakob (1575-1624). great german mystic philosopher, one of those individuals who, showing unusual spiritual insight due to excellent past karma, are especially watched over by the great lodge in preparation for future work. A shepherd as a boy, he became a shoemaker after learning to read and write. "He was a natural clairvoyant of most wonderful powers. with no education or acquaintance with science he wrote works which are now proved to be full of scientific truths; but then, as he says himself, what he wrote upon, he 'saw it as in a great deep in the Eternal.' He had 'a thorough view of the universe, as in a chaos,' which yet 'opened itself in him, from time to time, as in a young plant.' He was a thorough born Mystic, and evidently of a constitution which is most rare; one of those fine natures whose material envelope impedes in no way the direct, even if only occasional, intercommunion between the intellectual and the spiritual Ego. It is this Ego which jacob Boehme, like so many other untrained mystics, mistook for God; 'Man must acknowledge,' he writes, 'that his knowledge is not his own, but from God, who manifests the Ideas of wisdom to the soul of Man, in what measure he pleases.' had this great theosophist mastered eastern occultism he might have expressed it otherwise. He would have known then that the 'god' who spoke through his poor uncultured and untrained brain, was his own divine Ego, the omniscient deity within himself, and that what that deity gave out was not in 'what measure he pleased,' but in the measure of the capacities of the mortal and temporary dwelling IT informed" {TG 60}.

(1575-1624) German Lutheranmystic and theosophist.

Böhme (transliterated Boehme) may refer to:Böhme River, in lower Saxony, Germany.Böhme, lower Saxony, a municipality in lower Saxony, Germany.Boehme's giant day gecko

Noun1. german mystic and theosophist who founded modern theosophy; influenced george fox (1575-1624) (synonym) Jakob Boehme, Bohme, Jakob Bohme, Boehm, Jakob Boehm, Behmen, Jakob behmen (hypernym) mystic, religious mystic

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