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Definition by Wiktionary (Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License)

12 oz bottle or can of beer, cold pinch of coarse salt small wedge of lemon or limePour beer into a chilled beer glass. add pinch of salt. squeeze a few drops of lemon or lime over drink, and discard wedge. Do not stir.

Amount per 100g:• Calories.......................41• Total Fat......................0 g• saturated Fat.................0 g• Cholesterol..................0 mg• Sodium........................5 mg• Total Carbohydrate......4 g• dietary Fiber...................0 g• Protein.........................0 g Vitamin A  0 IU   Vitamin C  0 mg Calcium    5 mg    Iron         0 mg



full of himself

paunch associated with excessive beer drinking

paunch associated with excessive beer drinking

the ears

1. low alcohol beer; 2. brand of beer KB, jokingly supposed by children to be the meaning of the initials

not worth anything; weak (not namely about beer)

It’s going to be a glorious day

to take a long time to drink a beer

crazy boat race held in darwin every year


beersee also singlebeer eer (&?;), n. [oe. beor, ber, as. be?r; akin to fries. biar, icel. bj&?;rr, ohg. bior, d. & g. bier, and possibly e. brew. ?93, see brew.] 1. a fermented liquor made from any malted grain, but commonly from barley malt, with hops or some other substance to impart a bitter flavor.note: beer has different names, as small beer, ale, porter, brown stout, lager beer, according to its strength, or other qualities. see ale. 2. a fermented extract of the roots and other parts of various plants, as spruce, ginger, sassafras, etc.   similar words(15) 

 root beer float  dole beer  beer or ale  light beer  chowder beer  spruce beer  buck beer  bock beer  near beer  root beer  blink beer  weiss beer  lager beer  small beer  table beer 


A fermented liquor made from any malted grain, but commonly from barley malt, with hops or some other substance to impart a bitter flavor.  


A fermented extract of the roots and other parts of various plants, as spruce, ginger, sassafras, etc.  

Meaning'Beer and skittles' is shorthand for a life of indulgence spent in the pub. OriginSkittles, aka ninepins, has been a popular english pub game since the 17th century. the pins are set up in a square pattern and players attempt to knock them down with a ball. still played but not so much as before.

Noun1. a general name for alcoholic beverages made by fermenting a cereal (or mixture of cereals) flavored with hops (hypernym) brew, brewage (hyponym) draft beer, draught beer

beoir, leannGive me a beer: Tabhair dhom beoir

Cwrw = n. ale, strong beer

Sucan = n. steeping, small beer, washbrew, gruel, flummny

(a well). → one of the latest halting-places of the Israelites, lying beyond the Arnon. (Numbers 21:16-18) this is possibly the BEER-ELIM of (Isaiah 15:8) → A place to which Jotham, the son of Gideon, fled for fear of his brother Abimelech. (Judges 9:21)   

a well  

well. (1.) A place where a well was dug by the direction of Moses, at the forty-fourth station of the hebrews in their wanderings (Num. 21:16-18) in the wilderness of Moab. (See WELL.) (2.) A town in the tribe of judah to which Jotham fled for fear of Abimelech (Judg. 9:21). some have identified this place with Beeroth. Beer-elim well of heroes, probably the name given to Beer, the place where the chiefs of israel dug a well (Num. 21:16; Isa. 15:8).

n. HIq

Beer is the world's oldest and most popular alcoholic beverage. It is produced by the fermentation of sugars derived from starch-based material — the most common being  malted barley; however, wheat, corn, and rice are also widely used, usually in conjunction with the barley. less widely used starch sources include millet, sorghum and cassava root in Africa, potato in Brazil, and agave in Mexico, among others.

fateful of disappointments if drinking from a bar. To see others drinking, work of designing intriguers will displace your fairest hopes.To habitue's of this beverage, harmonious prospectives are foreshadowed, if pleasing, natural and cleanly conditions survive. the dream occurrences frequently follow in the actual.  

fear of alcohol

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