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Definition by Wiktionary (Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License)

away*way" (&?;), adv. [as. aweg, anweg, onweg; on on + weg way.] 1. from a place; hence. the sound is going away. have me away, for i am sore wounded. xxxv. 23. 2. absent; gone; at a distance; as, the master is away from home. 3. aside; off; in another direction. the axis of rotation is inclined away from the sun. --lockyer. 4. from a state or condition of being; out of existence. be near me when i fade away. 5. by ellipsis of the verb, equivalent to an imperative: go or come away; begone; take away. and the lord said away, get thee down. xix. 24. 6. on; in continuance; without intermission or delay; as, sing away. [colloq.]note: it is much used in phrases signifying moving or going from; as, go away, run away, etc.; all signifying departure, or separation to a distance. sometimes without the verb; as, whither away so fast ? "love hath wings, and will away." it serves to modify the sense of certain verbs by adding that of removal, loss, parting with, etc.; as, to throw away; to trifle away; to squander away, etc. sometimes it has merely an intensive force; as, to blaze away.away with, bear, abide. [obs. or archaic] "the calling of assemblies, i can not away with." ( i. 13), i. e., "i can not bear or endure [it]."away with one, signifies, take him away. "away with him, crucify him." xix. 15.   similar words(131) 

 to scare away  throw away  to fetch away  stack away  get away  fall away  shut away  file away  have it away  to fling away  trifle away  blink away  stash away  to fool away  keep away  whisk away  tuck away  laugh away  give away  pass away  sneak away  cast away  push away  to fritter away  turn away  wear away  turning away  wearing away  put away  to get away with  to carry away  die away  fade away  fritter away  to cast away  frivol away  wanton away  carry away  to give away  sweep away  run away  to give one`s self away  to make away  hark away  to make away with  to bear away the bell  going away  to bear away  take away  blow away  lay away  square away  to ease away  eat away  slip away  walk away   Next >> 

 rush away  throwing away  where away  to blaze away  to thrust away  to turn away  while away  to take away  to tame away  to run away with  to run away  pull away  thrown-away  to salt away  to put away  to veer away  do away with  ride away  to come away  to whack away 

 salt away  to edge away  piddle away  go away  to explain away  chase away  wipe away  hive away  spiriting away  fool away  eating away  aside or away  to break away  right away  whittle away  lock away  peg away  squirrel away  take-away  drop away  toss away  yap away  to fall away  to brush away  wash away  chide hither chide from or chide away  away game  plug away  drive away  away down off  pine away  bear away  blaze away  to laugh away  to claw away  away-going  yack away  away with  to pass away  to boil away  running away  to bargain away  away out through  to throw away  send away  to sleep away  look away  steal away  grind away  break away  back away  to wear away  tear away  to pluck away  wasting away   Next >> 


On; in continuance; without intermission or delay; as, sing away.  


From a state or condition of being; out of existence.  


From a place; hence.  


By ellipsis of the verb, equivalent to an imperative: Go or come away; begone; take away.  


Aside; off; in another direction.  


Absent; gone; at a distance; as, the master is away from home.  

Adjective1. distant in either space or time; "the town is a mile away"; "a country far away"; "the game is a week away" (synonym) away(p) (similar) distant2. not present; having left; "he's away right now"; "you must not allow a stranger into the house when your mother is away"; "everyone is gone now"; "the departed guests" (synonym) away(p), gone(p), departed(a) (similar) absent3. used of an opponent's ground; "an away game" (antonym) home(a) (classification) sport, athletics4. (of a baseball pitch) on the far side of home plate from the batter; "the pitch was away (or wide)"; "an outside pitch" (synonym) outside (similar) inaccurate (classification) baseball, baseball game, ballAdverb1. from a particular thing or place or position (`forth' is obsolete); "ran away from the lion"; "wanted to get away from there"; "sent the children away to boarding school"; "the teacher waved the children away from the dead animal"; "went off to school"; "they drove off"; "go forth and preach" (synonym) off, forth (classification) archaism, archaicism2. from one's possession; "he gave out money to the poor"; "gave away the tickets" (synonym) out3. out of the way (especially away from one's thoughts); "brush the objections aside"; "pushed all doubts away" (synonym) aside4. out of existence; "the music faded away"; "tried to explain away the affair of the letter"- H.E.Scudder; "idled the hours away"; "her fingernails were worn away"5. at a distance in space or time; "the boat was 5 miles off (or away)"; "the party is still 2 weeks off (or away)"; "away back in the 18th century" (synonym) off6. indicating continuing action; continuously or steadily; "he worked away at the project for more than a year"; "the child kept hammering away as if his life depended on it"7. so as to be removed or gotten rid of; "cleared the mess away"; "the rotted wood had to be cut away"8. freely or at will; "fire away!"9. in or into a proper place (especially for storage or safekeeping); "put the toys away"; "her jewels are locked away in a safe"; "filed the letter away"10. in a different direction; "turn aside"; "turn away one's face"; "glanced away" (synonym) aside11. in reserve; not for immediate use; "started setting aside money to buy a car"; "put something by for her old age"; "has a nestegg tucked away for a rainy day" (synonym) aside, by


Athrai = n. a falling away

Bradwyo = v. to crumble away

Dedwino = v. to fade away

Diflanu = v. to vanish away

Dwyn = a. agreeable, v. to bear, to carry; to carry away; to steal

Dygyd = v. to bear, to convey, to carry, to take away

Edwad = n. fading, away

Erddwyn = v. to bear away

Estrig = a. apt to dart away

Estyr = n. that darts away

Esu = v. to push away

Ffeiad = n. a shaming away

Ffoad = n. a running away, a fleeing

Ffwrdd = n. a going off, prep. off, from, ad. away

Gorddygai = n. what draws away; an abductor

Gwrthgwymp = n. apostacy, a falling away

Hcrgydiad = n. a shoving away

Hergydio = v. to shove away

Hwt = n. a taking off, v. off, away

Hwysgaw = v. to sweep away

Llewygiad = n. a fainting away

Ymaith = adv. hence, away

Ymddienyddu = v. to make away with one's self

Ysgipio = v. to snatch away

1. daydreaming; 2. mentally unsound or eccentric; 3. not in touch with reality; 4. incapacitated by alcohol

1. daydreaming; 2. mentally unsound or eccentric; 3. not in touch with reality; 4. incapacitated by alcohol

give up on something

1. impetuous or unruly person; 2. uncontrolled; impetuous; 3. (of a sporting win, etc.) won by a long distance or a high score: “They had a tearaway victory”

fail to use; miss (an opportunity, chance, etc.)

A trade, quote, or market that does not originate with the dealer in question, e.g., "the bid  is 98-10 away from me."

To keep away; to go before the wind.

the ball that is the greatest distance from the hole when more than one golfer is playing. It is the first to be played.

v. DoH

excl. naDevvo' yIghoS (Get out of here !; imperative form, singular), naDevvo' peghoS (Get out of here !; imperative form, plural)

v. ghoS

v. nge'

Away is a play by the Australian playwright Michael Gow. first performed by the Griffin theatre Company in 1986, it tells the story of three internally-conflicted families holidaying on the coast for Christmas, 1968. It has become the most widely produced australian play of all time and is part of the Higher school Certificate syllabi or general high school curriculum in many states, including Western Australia and New south Wales.

absentis, absens

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