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assents*sent" (&?;), n. [oe. assent, fr. assentir. see assent, v.] the act of assenting; the act of the mind in admitting or agreeing to anything; concurrence with approval; consent; agreement; acquiescence. faith is the assent to any proposition, on the credit of the proposer. the assent, if not the approbation, of the prince. too many people read this ribaldry with assent and admiration.   similar words(1) 

 royal assent 


The act of assenting; the act of the mind in admitting or agreeing to anything; concurrence with approval; consent; agreement; acquiescence.  

(v. t.)

To admit a thing as true; to express one's agreement, acquiescence, concurrence, or concession.  

To express agreement with a statement or matter of opinion

Noun1. agreement with a statement or proposal to do something; "he gave his assent eagerly"; "a murmur of acquiescence from the assembly" (synonym) acquiescence (hypernym) agreement (hyponym) acceptance (derivation) accede, acquiesceVerb1. to agree or express agreement; "The maestro assented to the request for an encore" (synonym) accede, acquiesce (antonym) dissent (hypernym) agree (hyponym) connive (derivation) acquiescence



the approval, by a representative of the Crown, of a bill passed by the house and the Senate, making it into an act of Parliament. royal assent is accorded in the senate Chamber, usually by a deputy of the governor general in the presence of members of the house and Senate.

Assent can refer to:A belgian village between Bekkevoort and Diest.Offer and acceptanceRoyal Assent


noun consent, will, opinion

An agreement to something that has been done before.It is either express, where it is openly declared; or implied, where it is presumed by law. for instance, when a conveyance is made to a man, his assent to it is presumed, for the following reasons; cause there is a strong intendment of law, that it is for a person's benefit to take, and no man can be supposed to be unwilling to do that which is for his advantage. 2. because it would seem incongruous and absurd, that when a conveyance is completely executed on the part of the grantor, the estate should continue in him. 3. because it is contrary to the policy of law to permit the freehold to remain in suspense and uncertainty.When a devise draws after it no charge or risk of loss, and is, therefore, a mere bounty, the assent of the devisee to, take it will be presumed. A dissent properly expressed would prevent the title from passing from the grantor unto the grantee. the rule requiring an express dissent, does not apply, however, when the grantee is bound to pay a consideration for the thing granted.When an offer to do a thing has been made, it is not binding on the party making it, until the assent of the other paity has been given and such assent must be to the same subject-matter, in the same sense. when such assent is given, before the offer is withdrawn, the contract is complete.In general, when an assignment is made to one for the benefit of creditors the assent of the assignees will be presumed.    this entry contains material from Bouvier's legal Dictionary, a work published in the 1850's.

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