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Definition by Wiktionary (Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License)

artifactr"ti*fact (?), n. [l. ars, artis, art + facere, factum, to make.] 1. (arch?ol.) a product of human workmanship; -- applied esp. to the simpler products of aboriginal art as distinguished from natural objects. 2. (biol.) a structure or appearance in protoplasm due to death or the use of reagents and not present during life.

Noun1. a man-made object taken as a whole (synonym) artefact (antonym) natural object (hypernym) object, physical object (hyponym) article

An artifact or artefact (see also spelling differences) is:A human-made object, such as a tool, weapon or ornament, especially those of archaeological or historical interest.A human-made object that is a prototype or standard of measurement.A structure or feature, visible only as a result of external action or experimental error. also known as disturbance in biopotential signals.Artefact is a fulltext information retrieval system capable of searching through databases containing documents written in a natural language  articles about various kinds of artifacts include:Artifact (archaeology), any object made or modified by a human culture, and later recovered by an archaeological endeavorArtifact (computer game), an online multiplayer video gameArtifact (GBA game), a strategy game for the Game boy AdvanceArtifact (fantasy), in the fantasy genre, is usually a magical object so powerful that it cannot be duplicated or destroyed by ordinary meansArtifact (medical imaging), misrepresentations of tissue structures seen in medical imagesArtifact (observational), any perceived distortion or other data error caused by the instrument of observationArtifact (software development), product documentation like requirements, design, test plans of a software applicationArtifacts (album) is a tribal ambient music album by the american artist steve RoachArtifakts (bc), a minimal techno album by canadian artist PlastikmanCompression artifact, data compression artifact in computer science, resulting from lossy data compressionCultural artifact, a human-made object which gives information about the culture of its creator and usersDigital artifact, a visible defect in a digital photo or video pictureIatrogenic artifact, a disease made up by doctorsSocial artifact, a product of individuals or groups (social beings) or of their social behaviorSonic artifact, in sound and music production, sonic material that is accidental or unwanted, resulting from the editing of another soundThe artifact is a weapon from Doom 3: resurrection of EvilVirtual artifact, objects in the digital environmentArtifacts (Band), Hip-Hop duo from new JerseyArtefact (band)  black metal band from FranceArtifact (band) gothic metal band from NorwayArtifact, an object responsible for creating a tangent universe as described in the fictional book The philosophy of time Travel from the film Donnie Darko.The artifact (Eureka), a fictional object appearing in the TV series Eureka (TV series).

an "accidental" result or outcome that does to reflect reality, often due to an extraneous factor.

any artificial glitch or blemish inadvertently created in or by the digital process.

misinterpreted information from a JPEG or compressed image. color faults or line faults that visibly impact the image negatively.

In video, refers to something present in the reproduced image, notably crawling dots, rainbow swirls, and color contamination, and that was not present in the original picture or scene. artifacts are the result of imperfect capture, processing, transmission, storage, and/or decoding of the video signal.

any non-allelic product of the amplification process (Stutter or minus A) or anomaly of the detection process (Pull-up or Spike).  

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