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Definition by Wiktionary (Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License)


N F water; sea| lake; river| stream; rain| rainfall (pl.)| rainwater; spa; urine


aqua"qua (&?;), n. [l. see ewer.] water; -- a word much used in pharmacy and the old chemistry, in various signification, determined by the word or words annexed.aqua ammoni? , the aqueous solution of ammonia; liquid ammonia; often called aqua ammonia.aqua marine (&?;), oraqua marina (&?;). same as aquamarine.aqua regia (&?;). [l., royal water] (chem.), a very corrosive fuming yellow liquid consisting of nitric and hydrochloric acids. it has the power of dissolving gold, the "royal" metal.aqua tofana (&?;), a fluid containing arsenic, and used for secret poisoning, made by an italian woman named tofana, in the middle of the 17th century, who is said to have poisoned more than 600 persons.aqua vit? (&?;) [l., water of life. cf. eau de vie, usquebaugh], a name given to brandy and some other ardent spirits.aqua n : a shade of blue tinged with green [syn: greenish blue, aquamarine, turquoise, cobalt blue, peacock blue]   similar words(8) 

 aqua ammoniaelig  aqua marine  aqua regia  aqua ammonia  aqua marina  aqua fortis  aqua vitaelig  aqua tofana 


Water; -- a word much used in pharmacy and the old chemistry, in various signification, determined by the word or words annexed.  

Noun1. a shade of blue tinged with green (synonym) greenish blue, aquamarine, turquoise, cobalt blue, peacock blue (hypernym) blue, blueness

(Scheme for) analytical quality assurance (in occupational hygiene)


RGB: 127;255;212Hex: 7FFFD4 See example...

RGB: 127;255;212Hex: 7FFFD4 See example...

RGB: 118;238;198Hex: 76EEC6 See example...

RGB: 102;205;170Hex: 66CDAA See example...

RGB: 69;139;116Hex: 458B74 See example...

Aqua is the Latin word for water. In English, it may refer to:Aqua (band), a danish pop bandAqua, Chicago, an 87-story skyscraper under construction in ChicagoAqua (color), an X11 or web colour nameAqua (satellite), a satellite part of the earth observing SystemAqua (user interface), the primary theme of apple computer's mac OS X user interfaceAqua string Band, a philadelphia string band participating in the philadelphia Mummer's new year's ParadeAqua teen hunger Force, a television programAqua Timez, a J-Pop bandAquamarine (color), a colourAquamarine, a mineralAquamarine (film), a film starring emma Roberts, sara Paxton, and JoJo Levesque.Project Aqua, a proposed hydroelectric scheme for waitaki River, new ZealandAqua (Edgar Froese), An album by edgar FroeseAqua (album), an album by the band Asia'Aqua', also known as deionized waterAqua (mineral water), a brand of bottled water from Groupe DanoneAqua regia, highly corrosive, fuming yellow or red solutionAqua (Kingdom Hearts), female KnightAQUA (bio), technique to quantify the abundance of endogenous proteins and peptides

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Holding company with subsidiaries which design, assemble, market, and distribute water filtration and purification products and waste water treatment systems for residential, commercial, industrial, and medical applications; distribute and service car wash equipment; and arrange, through third parties, financing of consumer

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Water; an aqueous solution. A prefix meaning water, e.g., Aquaculture.

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