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Apple A temperate fruit of europe and Western Asia, appearing in classical, Arabian, and ancient european mythology and folklore as "a means to immortality, an emblem of fruitfulness, an offering or a distraction in suitor contests, a cure, a love charm, a test of chastity, a means of divination, a magic object" (Funk & Wagnalls standard dictionary of Folklore); the greek golden apples of the hesperides and the scandinavian apples of Idunn confer immortality; in the Arabian Nights the apple of prince ahmed cures every disease. apples were used for divination in druidic Britain. {SD}.

apple; swelling  

(Heb. tappuah, meaning "fragrance"). probably the apricot or quince is intended by the word, as palestine was too hot for the growth of apples proper. It is enumerated among the most valuable trees of palestine (Joel 1:12), and frequently referred to in Canticles, and noted for its beauty (2:3, 5; 8:5). there is nothing to show that it was the "tree of the knowledge of good and evil." Dr. tristram has suggested that the apricot has better claims than any other fruit-tree to be the apple of Scripture. It grows to a height of 30 feet, has a roundish mass of glossy leaves, and bears an orange coloured fruit that gives out a delicious perfume. the "apple of the eye" is the Heb. ishon, meaning manikin, i.e., the pupil of the eye (Prov. 7:2). (Comp. the promise, Zech. 2:8; the prayer, Ps. 17:8; and its fulfilment, Deut. 32:10.) the so-called "apple of Sodom" some have supposed to be the solanum sanctum (Heb. hedek), rendered "brier" (q.v.) in micah 7:4, a thorny plant bearing fruit like the potato-apple. this shrub abounds in the jordan valley. (See ENGEDI.)

1.5 oz. apple schnapps .5 oz. cranberry juiceServe in lowball glass.

1 part vodka 1 part apple juice (a little less) cinnomon powder a small glass (~6oz) pour vodka into the glass, add apple juice, a dash of cinnomon on top.DO not MIX. drink quickly.

Amount per 100g:• Calories.......................59• Total Fat......................0 g• saturated Fat.................0 g• Cholesterol..................0 mg• Sodium........................0 mg• Total Carbohydrate......15 g• dietary Fiber...................3 g• Protein.........................0 g Vitamin A  53 IU   Vitamin C  6 mg Calcium    7 mg    Iron         0 mg

pivot the knuckle of the right closed index finger back and forth on the right cheek.

the big town, the main stem, Harlem


someone who lives in the state of tasmania (apple growing state)

someone from Tasmania

a horse

a fart; to fart ("He apple tarted")

rhyming slang for stairs. To shoot down the apples and pears is to go down the stairs. sometimes shortened to just apples.

be all right

everything will be okay

everything is alright

go down the stairs

candy apple, an apple covered in sticky sugary toffee on a stick

applep"ple (ăp"p'l), n. [oe. appel, eppel, as. ?ppel, ?pl; akin to fries. & d. appel, ohg, aphul, aphol, g. apfel, icel. epli, sw. ?ple, dan. ?ble, gael. ubhall, w. afal, arm. aval, lith. obůlys, russ. iabloko; of unknown origin.] 1. the fleshy pome or fruit of a rosaceous tree (pyrus malus) cultivated in numberless varieties in the temperate zones.note: the european crab apple is supposed to be the original kind, from which all others have sprung. 2. (bot.) any tree genus pyrus which has the stalk sunken into the base of the fruit; an apple tree. 3. any fruit or other vegetable production resembling, or supposed to resemble, the apple; as, apple of love, or love apple (a tomato), balsam apple, egg apple, oak apple. 4. anything round like an apple; as, an apple of gold.note: apple is used either adjectively or in combination; as, apple paper or apple-paper, apple-shaped, apple blossom, apple dumpling, apple blight, an aphid which injures apple trees. see blight, borer (zo?l.), a coleopterous insect (saperda candida or bivittata), the larva of which bores into the trunk of the apple tree and pear brandy, brandy made from butter, a sauce made of apples stewed down in corer, an instrument for removing the cores from fly (zo?l.), any dipterous insect, the larva of which burrows in apples. apple flies belong to the genera drosophila and midge (zo?l.) a small dipterous insect (sciara mali), the larva of which bores in of the eye, the of discord, a subject of contention and envy, so called from the mythological golden apple, inscribed "for the fairest," which was thrown into an assembly of the gods by eris, the goddess of discord. it was contended for by juno, minerva, and venus, and was adjudged to the of love, or   similar words(77) 

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(v. i.)

To grow like an apple; to bear apples.  


The fleshy pome or fruit of a rosaceous tree (Pyrus malus) cultivated in numberless varieties in the temperate zones.  


Anything round like an apple; as, an apple of gold.  


Any tree genus pyrus which has the stalk sunken into the base of the fruit; an apple tree.  


Any fruit or other vegetable production resembling, or supposed to resemble, the apple; as, apple of love, or love apple (a tomato), balsam apple, egg apple, oak apple.  

MeaningTidy and well-ordered.OriginThe phrase may originate from the french 'nappes pliees' = neatly folded, or from 'cap-a-pie' = heat to foot. there's no definitive evidence to support this though and the origin remains uncertain.

MeaningStairs. OriginCockney rhyming slang.

MeaningNickname for new York, USA.OriginDerived from the translation by jazz musicians of the manzana principal area as 'apple orchard'. another explanation has it that jazz musician's slang for engagement was 'apple'. A date in new york was the 'big apple'.

OriginFrom the Bible. deuteronomy 32:10. 'He found him in a desert land, and in the waste howling wilderness; he led him about, he instructed him, he kept him as the apple of his eye.' zechariah 2:8. 'For thus saith the lord of hosts; after the glory hath he sent me unto the nations which spoiled you: for he that toucheth you toucheth the apple of his eye.'

MeaningUp the stairs. OriginCockney rhyming slang.

Noun1. fruit with red or yellow or green skin and sweet to tart crisp whitish flesh (hypernym) edible fruit (hyponym) crab apple, crabapple (part-holonym) orchard apple tree, malus pumila2. native eurasian tree widely cultivated in many varieties for its firm rounded edible fruits (synonym) orchard apple tree, malus pumila (hypernym) apple tree (member-holonym) Malus, genus Malus

úll, (t-)ubhall

Afal = n. an apple

Afall = n. an apple tree

Afallen = n. an apple tree

Afallwydd = n. apple trees

Deincodyn = n. apple seed

Dincod = n. teeth, an edge; apple seed

JOHN: a kind of apple

A revision of APL for the Illiac IV.(1995-04-28)

manufacturers of the Macintosh range of personal computers as well as the earlier Apple I, Apple II and Lisa. founded on 1 april 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.Apples were among the first microcomputers. they originally used the 6502 processor and are still being made (August 1994), now using the 65816. The Apple II line, which includes the Apple I, is the longest existing line of microcomputers.Steve jobs left apple (involuntarily) and started NeXT and later returned when apple bought next in late 1997(?).Quarterly sales $2150M, profits $138M (Aug 1994). Home.[Dates? More?](1998-03-13)

this is the name of a company that makes macintosh computers. the reason this term is in the glossary is because way too many people confuse "Apple" with "Macintosh". apple is the company that makes macintosh computers. these include power Macs, PowerBooks, iMacs, and iBooks. the company is widely known for their innovation and unique products. and no, apple is not going out of business. In fact, the company's recent rate of growth far outpaces the industry average. with strong sales of iMacs and power mac G4s, and the introduction of the cube computer, apple is poised for a very bright future. To hear the latest on what's going on over at apple Computer, check out their website.

this article is about the fruit. for the technology company, see Apple Inc. For other uses, see Apple (disambiguation).

This article is about the satellite APPLE. for the fruit apple, see Apple. for other uses see Apple (disambiguation).


gulf war vii corps phase line

1) bowling ball; 2) bowler who fails to come through in a clutch situation. (choke)

american maker of personal computers and software which popularised the graphical user interface. famous for the apple macintosh and powerpc PC's. started by steve jobs and steve Wozniak.

apple Computer, Inc.

Exchange: Nasdaq

Designs, develops, produces, markets and services microprocessor-based personal computers, related software and peripheral products, including compact disk read-only memory drives and high quality precision color monitors and other related products; and manufactures communications products which connect apple systems to local

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