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Definition by Wiktionary (Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License)

appetitep"pe*tite (&?;), n. [oe. appetit, f. appétit, fr. l. appetitus, fr. appetere to strive after, long for; ad + petere to seek. see petition, and cf. appetence.] 1. the desire for some personal gratification, either of the body or of the mind. the object of appetite it whatsoever sensible good may be wished for; the object of will is that good which reason does lead us to seek. 2. desire for, or relish of, food or drink; hunger. men must have appetite before they will eat. 3. any strong desire; an eagerness or longing. it god had given to eagles an appetite to swim. taylor. to gratify the vulgar appetite for the marvelous. 4. tendency; appetency. [obs.] in all bodies there as an appetite of union. 5. the thing desired. [obs.] power being the natural appetite of princes.note: in old authors, appetite is followed by to or of, but regularly it should be followed by for before the object; as, an appetite for pleasure.   similar words(1) 

 canine appetite 


The thing desired.  


The desire for some personal gratification, either of the body or of the mind.  


Tendency; appetency.  


Desire for, or relish of, food or drink; hunger.  


Any strong desire; an eagerness or longing.  

Noun1. a feeling of craving something; "an appetite for life"; "the object of life is to satisfy as many appetencies as possible"- granville hicks (synonym) appetency, appetence (hypernym) craving (hyponym) stomach


Appetite, (n.)An instinct thoughtfully implanted by providence as a solution to the labor question.   

Chwant = n. appetite, lust

Dychwant = n. appetite

the appetite is the desire to eat food, felt as hunger. appetite exists in all higher lifeforms, and serves to regulate adequate energy intake to maintain metabolic needs. It is regulated by a close interplay between the digestive tract, adipose tissue and the brain. decreased desire to eat is termed anorexia, while polyphagia (or "hyperphagia") is increased eating. Disregulation of appetite contributes to anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, cachexia, overeating, and binge eating disorder.


nounwanting foodgood appetite = interest in eating foodloss of appetite = becoming uninterested in eating foodpoor appetite = lack of interest in eating food


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