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Definition by Wiktionary (Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License)

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amirsee under ameeramir *mir" (&?;), n. same as ameer.


Same as Ameer.  


One of the mohammedan nobility of afghanistan and Scinde.  



Noun1. an independent ruler or chieftain (especially in africa or Arabia) (synonym) emir, emeer, ameer (hypernym) ruler, swayer (hyponym) osman I, othman I (classification) Africa

Emir (Arabic: ; , , "commander" or "general", later also "prince" ; also transliterated as amir, aamir or ameer) is a high title of nobility or office, used in Arabic nations of the Middle East and North Africa, and historically, in some Turkic states. while emir is the predominant spelling in english and many other languages, amir, closer to the original Arabic, is more common for its numerous compounds ( e. g., admiral) and in individual names. spelling thus differs depending on the sources consulted.

Common misspellings

    • aamir
    • aemir
    • aimir
    • emir
    • eemir
    • eamir
    • eimir
    • imir
    • iimir
    • iemir
    • mir
    • amiir
    • amier
    • ameir
    • amair
    • amiar
    • ameer
    • amer
    • amr
    • ammir
    • anir
    • anmir
    • amnir
    • annir
    • air
    • amirr
    • amil
    • amill
    • amia
    • amira
    • amire
    • ami

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