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Definition by Wiktionary (Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License)

algall"gal (&?;), a., (bot.) pertaining to, or like, alg?.


Pertaining to, or like, algae.  

Adjective1. of or relating to alga (pertainym) alga, algae

For the programming language, see algae (programming language). algae have conventionally been regarded as simple plants within the study of botany. all are Eukaryota, though Chromophyta have Bacterial (see Blue-green algae) characteristics and some authorities consider them all to be Protists, however this view is now considered to be outdated. they may still be included in the algae as plants. some authors often include the blue-green algae (Cyanophyta) but note that they are not eukaryote. algae do not represent a single evolutionary direction or line but a level of organization that may have developed several times in the early history of life on Earth.

Common misspellings

    • aalgaal
    • aelgael
    • ailgail
    • elgel
    • eelgeel
    • ealgeal
    • eilgeil
    • ilgil
    • iilgiil
    • ielgiel
    • lgl
    • alggal
    • alckal
    • alugal
    • alogal
    • alal
    • allgall
    • argar
    • arrgarr
    • alegale
    • aligali
    • aergaer
    • aregare
    • aga

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