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Definition by Wiktionary (Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License)

Anonima Lombardo Fabbrica Automobili (From 1910)[ALFA ROMEO]

alfal"fa (&?;) or alfa grass l"fa grass" (&?;), n. a plant (macrochloa tenacissima) of north africa; also, its fiber, used in paper making.   similar words(1) 

 alfa grass 


Alt. of alfa grass  

Alfa may refer to:Alfa (Lebanon), a telecom companyALFA (Mexico), a mexican industrial conglomerateAlfa (press), a slovak academic publishing companyAlfa (rocket), the designation of an italian program for the development of efficient solid-propellant rocketsAlfa Bank, the alfa group corporate treasury, the largest private commercial bank in RussiaAlfa Brewery, a family owned independent brewery located in the Netherlands.Alfa cable Television, a cable television company in Tirana, AlbaniaAlfa Group Consortium, one of Russia's largest privately owned financial-industrial conglomeratesAlfa class submarine, nato reporting name for soviet Union/Russian navy project 705 submarine class of hunter/killer nuclear powered vesselsAlfa kappa Pi, a medical college fraternity on the campus of Universidad central del este in the dominican Republic.Alfa Laval AB, a swedish company,Alfa Matrix, a belgian record label.Alfa Pendular, the pendolino high-speed train of portuguese state railway company CPAlfa Romeo, an italian automobile manufacturerAlfa TV, a premium television service available in CyprusIsaac Alfa, a retired nigerian air force officer

alfa Corporation

Exchange: Nasdaq

Holding company with subsidiaries which provide property and casualty, and life insurance; originate consumer loans; and hold and sell real estate investments.

alfa intl CORP

Exchange: OTCBB

Not Available

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