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Definition by Wiktionary (Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License)

again*gain" (&?;), agains *gains" (&?;), ] prep. against; also, towards (in order to meet). [obs.] albeit that it is again his kind.again *gain" (?; 277), adv. [oe. agein, agayn, as. ongegn, onge?n, against, again; on + ge?n, akin to ger. gegewn against, icel. gegn. cf. gainsay.] 1. in return, back; as, bring us word again. 2. another time; once more; anew. if a man die, shall he live again? xiv. 14. 3. once repeated; -- of quantity; as, as large again, half as much again. 4. in any other place. [archaic] 5. on the other hand. "the one is my sovereign the other again is my kinsman." 6. moreover; besides; further. again, it is of great consequence to avoid, etc. ersche&?;.again and again, more than once; often; repeatedly.   similar words(17) 

 to turn again  to come again  again and again  once and again  then again  over again  again and again  to buy again  to and again  over and over again  time and again  born again  now and again  fill again  to breathe again  time and time again  born-again 


Alt. of Agains  


Once repeated; -- of quantity; as, as large again, half as much again.  


On the other hand.  


Moreover; besides; further.  


In return, back; as, bring us word again.  


In any other place.  


Another time; once more; anew.  

MeaningChristians who affirm their strengthened commitment to their religion are called 'born again Christians'. To be born again is to be 'born of the spirit', the first birth being the physical birth of the flesh. OriginFrom the Bible, john 3.3 'Jesus answered and said ... except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.'

MeaningFull title of ITMA. OriginITMA was a popular bbc radio comedy during the second world War.

OriginBogart's famous line from Casablanca. the actual line in the film is 'Play it, Sam.'

Adverb1. anew; "she tried again"; "they rehearsed the scene again" (synonym) once again, once more, over again

arís, athuair, fós

Adaddawiad = n. a promising again

Adaddo = v. to promise again

Adanfon = v. to send again

Adanfoniad = n. a sending again

Adanfonol = a. sending again

Adbrofi = v. to taste again

Adegino = v. to bud again

Adenwi = v. to name again

Adferwi = v. to boil again

Adffynu = v. n. to prosper again

Adflaguro = v. to bud again

Adflin = a. fatigue over again

Adfynegu = v. to declare again

Adfyw = n. m. lack of life; fallow a. revived, alive again

Adgadw = v. to keep again

Adgasglu = v. to collect again

Adgeisio = v. to seek again

Adglwyfo = v. to wound again

Adglymu = v. to tie again

Adgodi = v. to raise again

Adgrynhoi = v. to collect again

Adguddio = v. to reconceal, to hide again

Adgyfhau = v. to make whole again

Adgyfodi = v. to rise again

Adgynull = v. to collect again

Adgywreinio = v. to make exact again

Adholi = v. to re-examine, to question again

Adladd = n. m. second crop, v. to kill again

Adlefaru = v. to perorate, to speak again, to recite

Adlenwi = v. to fill again

Adloewi = v. to brighten again

Adloni = v. to cherish again

Adlonyddu = v. to assuage or quiet again

Adlosgi = v. to burn again

Adofidio = v. to grieve again

Adofyn = v. to ask again, to reclaim

Adredeg = v. to run again, to run back

Adrifiad = n. m. a counting again

Adrybuddio = v. to warn again

Adson = v. to rumour again

Adsyllu = v. to glance at again

Adsylwi = v. to view again

Aduno = v. to agree again

Adurddo = v. to honour again; to re-ordain

Adwanychu = v. to enfeeble again

Adwedyd = v. to say again, to repeat

Adwysio = v. to summon again

Adystwytho = v. to make pliant again

Amfylchu = v. to notch again

Amgynull = v. to collect again

Atfod = v. to be again; to be

Attalmu = v. to act upon again

Attaro = v. to strike again

Attoi = v. to come on again

Attreiddio = v. to penetrate again

Attreiglo = v. to roll again

Attrethu = v. to tax again

Attrosi = v. to pass over again

Attychwel = v. to return again; n. a fallen back

Dadchwilio = v. to search again

Dadorfod = v. to overcome again

Dadryddau = v. to free again

Dadsathru = v. to tread again

Dedlidio = v. to be angry again

Eto = con. yet, still, also, adv. yet, again, still

Mwy = a. additional; more; larger, adv. more, again

Trachefn = adv. behind; again; afterwards

request to repeat, expand or explain (a statement, etc.)

v. suffix : qa' Comment :Indicates that the action stopped, then began again wInejqa' - We are resuming searching for it or We search for it again.


"Again" is the title of the following songs:"Again" (1949 song), recorded by many singers including doris Day, vic Damone and vera Lynn"Again" (1993 song), from the album janet. by janet Jackson"Again" (1995 song), by Alice in Chains"Again" (2002 song), by Archive"Again" (2004 song), by Earshot"Again" (2005 song), from the album The first Lady by faith Evans"Again" (2006 song), by Yui Sakakibara"Again" (Lenny Kravitz song), the 2001 song by lenny Kravitz

iterum, rursus, denique, denuo

the left hand open in the '5' position, palm up, is held before the chest. the right hand in the right-angle position, fingers pointing up, arches over and into the left palm.

the left hand, open in the '5' position, palm up, is held before the chest. the right hand, in the right-angle position, fingers pointing up, arches over and into the left palm.

fear that you think you just read something twice

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